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This afternoon, I munched on a crunchy green apple and drank lots of water when I felt hunger coming on. I also grabbed a handful of pretzels that were sitting out (not pictured).


I had packed a granola bar for snack as well, but I was reeeeally craving frozen yogurt this afternoon. So around 5, I walked to Tasti-Delight and decided to treat myself to dessert! I got a small chocolate and vanilla swirl with a little bit of oreo topping. I had to emphasize the LITTLE part to the guy behind the counter and say “OK, STOP” at a certain point because he was doing the full-blown-yogurt-dunk! You know that move?


It hit the spot. I realized later that I am probably having chocolate/ dessert cravings because of the timing… if you know what I mean!

For dinner, I wanted to eat the fish I had last night and I made some brown rice to serve with it. A great tip I like to use when making rice is to cook an onion in a little bit of oil in the pot first. My “adopted” grandmother, the most amazing cook in the world, taught me this!

I just cut up a whole onion, flavor it with salt and pepper, and drop it in the pot with some Sunflower (or Olive) oil on Medium heat. I brown it on both sides, and when it is nice and tender, I add the water. This adds great flavor.


When the rice is cooked, I just take out the cooked onion and serve. Its delish! While the rice cooked, I wanted to just lay on the couch, but I mustered the energy to chop some veggies so that I could have some added color and nutrition to my plate. Baby lettuce, tomatoes, yellow pepper, white onion, and avocado:


I dressed the salad with lemon, balsamic, and a drizzle of EVOO.

I didn’t really “reheat” the fish- I just put my little toaster oven on broil and put the fish in there for two minutes, so it wouldn’t get tough. It wasn’t really hot- just room temp!


The meal was really satisfying- it felt so balanced. I used a little too much water for the rice, but other than that, it was perfect.


Now I need to turn off the TV and work on law school apps. I must keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end.

Have a great night!


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Surprise Exercise

Hi guys,

This morning I helped clean the tile floors of the classrooms downstairs (I work for an Adult Ed program). They hadn’t been cleaned in 4 years! I mopped for 1 hour straight while my boss ran the tile cleaner. It was some hard work- I was sweaty and hungry by the end of it. I’m glad I didn’t go to the gym this morning!

As I was rushing out the door this morning, I grabbed a quick and easy lunch: An Amy’s burrito, some baby carrots that really needed to be eaten (some of them were kind of skechy, not gonna lie), and a little donut peach.


I was psyched to see little packets of hot sauce in my office!


 Altogether now…




I love Amy’s burritos! They always hit the spot. If you haven’t tried them, they are totally worth buying. They are the perfect thing to grab when you are rushed in the morning but want a filling, healthy lunch!

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Weird Dreams

Hey guys!

Breakfast today was fast and simple- yogurt, granola, and fruit. I used Bare Naked Fruit and Nut granola, 1/3 of a banana, and some cut up mango and pineapple.


I don’t eat yogurt a lot because I don’t love it, but sometimes I’m in the mood. It is SO filling!


I had really strange dreams last night about my back going out completely and having to go to all these weird doctors to fix it, but no one could. In my dream, I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t move, and it was really strange because I could feel this deep pain in my back like it was real…. weird. I’m sure its because I was so sore all day yesterday. I actually feel much better today, but I’m taking my dream as a sign that my body needs a rest and today will definitely be a “day off” from the gym. I’ll just take a nice long walk or something.

See you all later!

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I love days like today! I ate great food, had an awesome workout, did some important law school work, and hung out with one of my best friends!

I took a break from work and went swimming around 12. I had a reduced fat string cheese before I left.


I swam for 35 minutes, alternating free style, breast stroke, and did about 8 minutes of kicking. I pushed myself to keep up my speed, and it was tough at times, but I kept picturing my muscles growing, and that kept me going! I stretched for a while when I got home. My back still hurts! I must have really strained some muscles yesterday.

I left my apartment around 2 to meet my friend Annie in at Grounded, a coffee shop in Manhattan to do some work together. On the train, I drank a coconut water for some instant rehydration. Love this stuff! It has the electrolytes and potassium of a sports drink like Gatorade, but it is all natural with much less sugar!


When I got to Grounded, I was huuungry. I love this place. It is the perfect place to work (free internet) and has amazing food, tea, and coffee. I ordered an iced soy chai latte (can you tell its my favorite drink?) and a turkey sandwich on mutligrain bread with arugula, tomato, and lemon aioli.



It was soooo good!


The turkey was very fresh tasting. And there was lots of it!


I also munched on a granola bar throughout the day. I love Bare Naked Granola, so I was excited to see they are now making bars. This chocolate + cherry bar was chewy, satisfying, and not too sweet.


Around 8:30, we stopped working and grabbed dinner. We were in the West Village, so we decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Westville.


This place is known for its fresh food, amazing array of vegetable dishes and salads, and its reasonable prices. It is a very small little spot, so there is always a wait. But it is well worth it! The menu is always changing- there are a ton of specials that they write out daily.

Annie and I had some sparkling water.


I ordered one of the Specials: Almond crusted trout over greens with sliced pear, avocado, marinated red onions, and lemon dill dressing.


It was huge- a whole fish! The dressing was wonderful and light, really lemony and the fish was light and moist. I loved the almonds on top- they added a great crunch.


I ate half of the fish and all of the greens. I took the other half to have for lunch one day this week.

Annie had a veggie plate of 4 sides: beat and goat cheese salad, marinated and seared tofu, soy glazed snap peas, and zucchini, tomato and mozzarella salad. We shared some bites… they were all so tasty!


After dinner, we took a nice long walk to the subway. It was such a beautiful night- nice and cool. Fall is coming!

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend filled with good eats, friends and family, and lots of fun.

See you tomorrow for the first day of a short work week! 🙂

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Productive = Happy

Good morning!

I’m in good spirits this morning because I woke up, ate breakfast, and immediately started working. I feel like I’m actually being productive. 🙂 When I’m dreading doing work, I will often procrastinate (like I did yesterday)- but that just makes me feel worse! Hopefully this is just the start of a fully productive day.

For breakfast this morning, I had a slice and a half of whole wheat toast, a sunny side up egg + 1 egg white, and some avocado mashed on the bread. Avocado is a great, creamy replacement for butter or cheese. It has the same taste and texture as a lots of spreads but has much healthier fats!

And a side of mango and pineapple…


If you are wondering why I ate 1 1/2 slices of bread instead of 2, its because this bread is much higher in calories than the bread I normally buy (which has 70- 80 calories a slice). This bread has 110 calories per slice. Again, I’m not crazy about counting calories but I am aware of them. It’s important when watching portion control- sometimes two things that look exactly the same can be very different in calories/ fat depending on how they are made.


Ah, the incredible egg.

Alright, I’m off to do some more work. My lower back is REALLY sore from that class yesterday- must have been all that jumping and kicking! Maybe I will go swimming today? Not sure yet.

Later gators.

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Homemade Treat

Hi guys!

So today I finally found whole wheat pizza dough… I have been looking for it at different grocery stores for years, and, of course, Trader Joe’s carries it. Yippee! TJ’s is awesome.


So tonight was homemade pizza night. I used less than 1/4 of the dough (I read the nutrition info, and based on that, took about 200 calories of dough). I DO NOT count calories but I am aware of them- I think there’s a big difference.

I rolled out the dough using my hands and some impromptu instruments because I (don’t laugh!) don’t own a rolling pin. I just don’t bake, but it was embarrassing to realize today that we don’t even have a basic rolling pin!

For my pizza sauce, I used a ground turkey tomato sauce that I made from scratch about 3 weeks ago. Making sauce is a long process, so when I do, I make a lot and freeze it in small ziploc bags. I was so happy to see it in the freezer because I wanted to add some protein to the pizza, but I wanted it to be healthy. I topped the pizza with some ricotta leftover from my squash blossoms last weekend. Ricotta is a great cheese for anyone watching their weight because it is rich and creamy but, like cottage cheese, it is low in calories- 90 calories for 2 ounces. Pretty good! I also topped the pizza with mushrooms and a spoonful of olive tapenade. I love olives but I didn’t have any. The tapenade was great, though!





I sprinkled the pizza with red pepper flakes, black pepper, and a little bit of garlic salt. The crust was nice and doughy.



And dessert:


A crunchy, juicy apple!

I’m currently veging out on my couch and watching Twighlight…. Sometimes, nights (and dinners) alone are really nice. I can watch and eat what I want! 🙂 Girls night in!

See you all in the morning!

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I’m feeling so much better! I got a nice sweaty workout in this morning. It was really different than anything I’ve ever done! I had wanted to go running because I was in the mood to really sweat and release some stress, but it was raining… and I really shouldn’t be running at all- I just don’t have the knees for it. So I went to the gym, but I was kind of bummed about just doing the elliptical, when I peaked into a studio room and saw that a class was about to start called Urban Rebounding. People had mini trampolines in front of them and small weights. An older woman saw me peaking in. She said, “You have to join us, its so much fun!” I was a little scared, but I said to myself, “If she can do it, so can I!”

Well, it was awesome. I haven’t been on a trampoline since I was a little kid, and I probably looked ridiculous, but the class was so much fun and such a great workout. We were jumping, kicking, jabbing, stepping (and I was huffing and puffing) for 45 minutes straight. We then did 15 minutes of abs and weights. By the end of the class, I was drenched in sweat and felt a lot of my stress melt away.

This just showed me that its never too late to try something new and, more importantly, I shouldn’t worry about making a fool of myself in front of other people while doing so. Who cares? That kind of thinking just prevents me from having fun and experiencing new things!

So, back to food. Before the gym, I had a kids cliff bar.


After the gym, I picked up a few groceries from Trader Joe’s and made a light lunch.


Tuna, a slice of whole wheat bread, lots of raw veggies, and some pineapple. It hit the spot.


I used my new McClure’s relish for the tuna. It was out-of-this world- salty, not sweet, like pickles!

I love tuna. I had it a lot as a kid so I guess it’s a “comfort food” for me. I always make it with lemon, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, relish, and a little onion.


This afternoon I did some work at a coffee shop and had an iced Chai tea with soy milk.


When I got home, I made a snack of TJ’s crackers and a few slices of Applegate Farms turkey bologna. This was a great combo- the complex carbs + protein were very satisfying and filled me right up. I had a few more than what is pictured.


Now I’m just relaxing before I have to do a little more work. Its just me for dinner tonight and I’m going to make a delicious meal with a special something I picked up at TJ’s today! See you later for a recap!

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