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Baked Goods

Good evening, blog world!

I had a long day at work and didn’t get home until 9:15… and dinner was on the table!


Sweet white corn, baked falafel balls, and sweet potato fries. Good job, Loren!

I wasn’t too hungry because I had eaten 2 small lunches today… I went to a staff meeting around 1, and they had a long meat sub sandwich. I had a small slice of the sub during the meeting just to hold me over. I was still hungry, but knew I had my healthy salad in the fridge, so I restrained myself and didn’t get anymore. Then, for snack around 4, I had the salad- which was perfect. It held me over til 9!

Dinner was just what I wanted- not too much, but enough to leave me satisfied and happy. Loren makes really yummy sweet potato fries (I taught him everything he knows ūüôā ). They are spiced with cayenne, paprika, salt, pepper, and a little bit of olive oil and bake at 380 degrees for 30 minutes.


The secret to these babies is to cut them very thinly, so that they get nice and crispy! And to turn them every 10 minutes or so while they are in the oven…


The falafel balls were also excellent- from a spicy mix we bought at Damascus Bakery in our hood.


Now I’m on clean up duty! My plan for tonight is to do a little more work, a little more relaxing, and hit the hay early. I’m still feeling better, but I know I need to keep getting lots of sleep!


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Good morning! I am feeling muuuuch better this morning. I went to sleep very early last night and don’t have to be at work until mid-morning, so I slept almost 10 hours! It was amazing. I couldn’t believe when my alarm went off that I had slept from 10 pm to 8 am! I don’t even feel groggy- I think my body needed all of that sleep.

I also woke up very hungry. I looked around the fridge, trying to come up with something creative and different from what I’ve had the past two days. But, I really wanted nothing but oats. I think its official- I’m addicted!

I’m telling you, I never liked oats. But I think this TJ’s breakfast cereal has the best consistency and texture. And I love the combination of flavors I’ve been using to bulk up the taste. Today’s oats were very similar to yesterday’s: almond milk + water, 1 scoop of pumpkin, 1 tbspn of PB, 1/2 a banana, a drizzle of maple syrup, and 3/4 of a peach (not cooked today- just plain; didn’t feel inspired to cook that much!). I also added a cinnamon stick to my oats as they cooked, to get a little bit of spicy cinnamon flavor in there.

I served it in one of my pretty bowls again today…


I love these guys. They make everything extra lovely! They were a birthday gift from my Momma last year!


I couldn’t eat all of the oats. I ate about 1/2- 2/3. I will probably eat the rest cold for a mid-morning snack!


It was a lot of oats!


While my oats cooked, I made lunch, so I figured I could give you guys a snapshot/ preview here of what it will be!


An “everything” salad: lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tuna, garbanzos, corn, and golden raisins.


Lots of great vitamins, minerals, and protein for staying power! I will probably just dress it with some balsamic vinaigrette.


I’m going to do some yoga on my mat at home before work- maybe one of my YogaDownload.com classes again.

Have a wonderful Wednesday- we are half-way there!

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I came home from work around 1 to eat lunch. I made a delicious sandwich using the pesto- hummus mixture from last night, Applegate Farms herb turkey breast, lettuce, and a light smear of olive oil mayo.

I had some baby carrots, sliced cucumber, and of course, crack err . . . BBQ Pop Chips on the side!


Yes, I had already taken a bite! Couldn’t contain myself. ūüôā


I’m loving my new pesto-hummus creation, and it was perfect with the herb turkey breast.


I love taking food pictures in the mid-day light- so pretty!

I dipped the veggies in a little bit of Annie’s balsamic dressing.

I somehow managed to control my Pop Chip consumption- I just put this serving on my plate, wrapped up the bag, and put it in the pantry so it wouldn’t tempt me!

I also had some major vitamins for a boost with lunch. I’ve been feeling drained (again) and on the verge of getting sick for the last couple of days. Getting sick is REALLY scary for me because my inner ear acts up (I have a scarred inner ear which, for a while led to a very bad balance disorder… you can read about it on my About Me page). The last few days, I’ve started to feel a little “off balance” when I walk around. The physical therapist that I used to see warned me that in times of sickness and stress, I might feel symptomatic. I just need to go back to doing my balance exercises (which I started yesterday and did this morning), relax, and try to stay active in order to challenge my body in a healthy way.

So, I don’t mess around with sickness and I will do everything in my power to not get sick. But a lot of people are sick at work now- teachers and students- and I know my immune system is low because I am stressed and tired. So, I did a few things to fight really getting sick before it develops.

I took these:


A multivitamin, a Vitamin B Stress- Complex pill, and a Vitamin D pill. Last year, I found out I was Vitamin D deficient at the end of winter. During the summer, when I’ out in the sun everyday, its fine (our bodies make Vitamin D by processing sunlight) but, come winter, I need to be take these babies everyday. Vitamins D and B both help with stress, fatigue, and our immune system.

On top of my vitamins, I drank plenty of Emergen-C today- and lots of water!

I also started a round of Cold Calm today. Has anyone tried this stuff? I swear by it. It is homeopathic and doesn’t give me any side effects. I just dissolve 2 tablets in my mouth as directed and it really curbs a cold!

The other thing I did today was REST. Instead of going into work from 6-9, I called in saying I was feeling a little under the weather, and just laid in bed. I did some work but really tried to close my eyes and relax. I even fell asleep for half an hour.

I snacked on an Asian Pear this afternoon- yum! Loren found these at the Farmer’s Market.


Crunchy and juicy!


I also had a small scoop of cottage cheese- what was left of the container.


(OK, OK, I also snuck a few more Pop Chips this afternoon…)

My last “defense” for not getting sick was the best miracle cure of all!


Some good ol’ chicken soup. Picked up this beauty at TJ’s and added some canned corn that needed to be used. I had some whole wheat crackers with pesto-hummus on the side. And some chamomile tea.



Altogether now…


I had the best idea for my chamomile tea… It was getting cold, so I just decided to ice it!


Really refreshing. Now, let’s hope that with all of the resting, relaxing, and natural curing I am doing today, I wake up tomorrow feeling 100% and like MYSELF tomorrow!


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Peachy Keen

I’m in a bit of a rush this morning, so I will make this breakfast post short and sweet.

I was in the mood for oats again this morning after my great experience with them yesterday :).¬†I made the same TJ’s¬†hot cereal with a scoop of pumpkin, half a banana, and a tbspn of Peanut Butter. Today’s star ingredient, though, was the¬†grilled peaches I put on top!!


(I also used one of my pretty bowls this morning to make breakfast even more appealing to the eye!)

To make this lovely bowl of oats, I just chopped up a peach, put a teeny bit of butter in a pan (to coat the bottom), and drizzled the peach with maple syrup. It  cooked in the pan on medium heat- covered- for about 8 minutes. The small drizzle of maple syrup helped the peaches get nice and caramalized.


I loooove this combo! The peaches add the perfect acidic contrast to the sweet banana/ PB flavors in the oats. I will definitely be making this again.


Now I am off- sorry to make this snappy, gotta get to work! ūüėČ

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This afternoon, I had a really yummy lunch: leftover ground beef from last night, some brown rice, TJ’s simple canned corn, and a chopped tomato. It was delicious!


I mixed it all up with some salsa and hot sauce before leaving for work, so all of the flavors were able to sit together in the fridge. When I got hungry around noon, I just microwaved the mixture together for a minute and a half. And then I ATE!


YUUUUM. Beef- still making me happy!

An hour later, I headed out on my “lunch break” for a 30 minutes walk. Of course, I stumbled across some things I just had to had to purchase. Walks are very dangerous for me!


I purchased a Green and Black’s Organic Cherry & Chocolate Bar and a “Green Lemonade”: spinach, kale, lemon, green apple, celery, and cucumber all in one big juice!

I was really in the mood for chocolate (my chocolate cravings are like clockwork, same time every month) and I have trouble fighting them sometimes! I’m so glad I gave in- this bar was unbelievably good. The chocolate was creamy but not too sweet and there were big chunks of dried cherries in every piece.

I probably had about 5 mini squares throughout the afternoon. They are so pretty!


Around 4, I got the munchies, so I snacked on a serving of BBQ pop chips (sorry no picture) for a snack.

I guess today was a “hungry day” because around 6, I was staaarving again.

Loren had bought a huge bunch of basil at the farmer’s market that was a little wilted, but only $1! We wanted to find a way to use it, and I thought of making healthy pesto in the food processor. I used all of the basil, some EVOO, salt, pepper, and 2/3 a can of chickpeas- which made it nice and creamy. I guess it was more like a pesto-hummus. I wanted to find a creative use for our pesto, and saw some whole wheat pitas in the fridge. I had my inspiration- pesto pizzas!

I preheated the oven to 350, and layered a spoonful of pesto, a sliced yellow tomato, olives, and goat cheese onto the pitas. 8 minutes later, dinner was ready. It was so pretty!


All of the pesto/ veggie/ olive/ cheese flavors really came out and were nicely balanced.


This was the perfect meal for me tonight because I was really hungry and craving “bad” food. So I could eat a whole “pizza” and still feel pretty healthy. That’s the best trick!


We also had a side salad with chopped romaine lettuce, Israeli cucumber, yellow pepper, carrots, and the rest of the chickpeas. I drizzled a little bit of Annie’s balsamic vinaigrette in and mixed it all together. Of course, I topped it with some golden raisins- love them. They add a really nice sweetness to any salad.


It was light and refreshing!


I love a salad of fresh, crisp veggies. Nothing beats it.

Now I’m off to finish up a few applications and maybe start sending some off (!!!). It will be a long time until I am entirely finished with my applications, but it feels good to start to be finished with this whole process. I just want to know where I get in!

Have a wonderful evening, awesome readers!

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Fall Oats


I woke up this morning and did a 1 hour Yoga Download Power Vinyasa class. It was awesome! I forget how amazing yoga is and when I go back to doing it, I remember. I always finish yoga feeling not only like I got a great full- body workout, but that I stretched and balanced my entire body. It is also really powerful for me in times of stress, because it brings me to the present moment, to my body and my breath- and helps me to release both physical and mental tension.

YogaDownload.com is a great site, too! You can buy all kinds of classes and download them onto different computers (itunes or something like it) for up to six months after you purchase them.

After yoga, I decided to make a batch of “fall oats”, using hot multi-grain cereal that¬†Loren bought at TJ’s.


Organic and great for you!


I made one serving of cereal with water on the stove, and at the end, added¬†all of my¬†“fall ingredients”:¬†a splash of Almond Milk, a scoop of canned Pumpkin (!), cinnamon, a drizzle of maple syrup, a tablespoon of Peanut Butter, and half a banana. I also mixed in half of my Heart Thrive cookie leftover from yesterday.


I’m not a huge oats person because I grew up in Miami and we never had hot breakfasts. But I really loved this hot cereal- and the flavor combinations. Creamy peanut butter goes really well with pumpkin!¬†I will definitely make this again- very soon :).


If you have never tried canned pumpkin in your oats, you must give it a try. You don’t need much- just a big spoonful. Mix it in while the oats are cooking in water and it will get nice and creamy!


Alright guys, the week has just gotten started and I’m already running late/ behind!

See you all this afternoon- have a great Monday!

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I was really productive today because I met up with my friend Charlotte for a study session. It always helps me work when I have someone working next to me. Plus, its nice to take breaks and chat!

Brunch held me over pretty well, and my stomach didn’t start grumbling for food til about 4. I scoured the coffee shop for a healthy snack and saw some Heart Thrive cookies, which I have seen around but never tried. Theses “cookies” come in all different flavors; they are all vegan and, Non-GMO and provide 30% of your daily calcium, fiber, and protein. The principle ingredients in these cookies are: Oats, dried fruit, brown rice syrup, natural fruit juice, brown rice flour, soy protein concentrate, soy flour, Inulin(chicory root extract), rice bran, dried plums, dried apples, dried pears, calcium citrate. Mine had chocolate chips, too!

I had a Soy Chai Latte with my snack for a little caffeine boost.


I really liked these “cookies”- they are more like health bars. They are very healthy tasting, but still very good- know what I mean? I dipped mine in the tea, which melted the chocolate chips a little bit.

So, Loren and I had planned to make a more complicated dinner tonight using peppers, lean ground beef, beans, and quinoa (which I still want to make someday soon so I’ll keep it a surprise), but we were both in the mood for something much simpler- taco salad. I love taco salad and actually haven’t had it with ground beef in more than 8 years (I went off my 8 year vegetarian diet in January). Loren bought some great looking lean ground beef at TJ’s, so I was really excited for it!

I had an appointment at 5:45 (where I ate another half of a “cookie”), so Loren did all the grunt work: he chopped all the veggies- lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, heated some black beans, and cooked up the beef. When I got home, we just layered it all together and added some crumbled blue corn chips. It was awesome!


Loren did an excellent job flavoring the beef- I was really impressed. Maybe the guy is learning how to cook(?)! Very good news (I kid, I kid). I kept saying “mmmm” as we ate- and so did he. He seemed surprised/ impressed with himself as well!

He says he flavored the beef with Paprika, Cayenne, BBQ Sauce (his “secret” ingredient), salsa, salt, and pepper. It was like a fiesta in my mouth!


This salad didn’t need cheese or sour cream. I usually (by habit) grab the cheese out of my fridge and toss it on my Mexican food, but this time I just added some hot sauce and salsa to see how it tasted without. What do you know? It was perfect.


Beef, how I’ve missed thee. So glad to have you back.

OK, I should get off the computer and help Loren install a shelf in our bathroom (I swear, he’s in super-helper mode tonight!). Hope you all have a wonderful night- relax and enjoy!

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