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Morning! Yesterday was a day of rest, so I didn’t go to the gym. Instead, I spent extra time in bed 🙂

I made a delicious breakfast that consisted of a wrap with scrambled eggs, raw goat’s milk cheddar, and some apricot jam. I took a picture but somehow I deleted during the day while I was fussing with my camera 😦

So I guess we’ll have to skip to lunch. We had nothing in the refrigerator, so I walked to work empty-handed. At lunchtime I picked up another delicious wrap from Zaytoon’s (means “olive’s” in arabic) a Middle Eastern Restaurant near my office. The wrap was filled with hummus, babaganoush, and tabouleh. I also ordered a small container of their pickle olive and peperocini mix and added that to my wrap.

It was deeeelish!

I also had the last of a container of pineapple that I bought last week.

I was running around all afternoon, so I didn’t have time for a snack. When I got home around 6, I was desperate for something small to tide me over until dinner. I relied on my trusty string cheese.

Since we had no veggies in the fridge, and I didn’t feel like making a TJ’s run, I gave in and ordered take-out from a Japanese place in the neighborhood. Loren and I split a bunch of rolls: california roll, a seared salmon roll, and a fantastic roll–spicy tuna with salmon, avocado, and yellowtail on top. I also got a large green salad that was much needed after a couple of days sans greens! We also split some edamame.


But dessert was definitely the best eat of the day!

What is that, you may ask? A frozen banana covered in dark chocolate from the mecca of frozen foods–TJ’s! I know, I know. You can make these at home, but for a lazy girl like me I was thrilled to see these in the store!

It did not disappoint. It was amazing. I also liked that it took a long time to eat, so I really felt like I got my sweet fix tonight!

P.S. I saw a PT today who gave me a lot of exercises for my arm and wrist. It’s finally feeling better, but not completely up to snuff, so Loren, again, helped me write the post (editor’s note: he’s pretty much the best!). Just wanted you to know that if you don’t get the usual blog comments from me, it’s not that I’m not reading your blogs–I just have doctor’s orders not to type! (But I may slip in a few comments here or there. Hehe). I love reading them all!


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Morning, guys!

My wrist is actually really bugging me this morning, so I need to lay off the typing today—> which means laying off the blogging. But I can’t stay away! (Don’t tell my mom!).

Due to wrist injury, I will make the thesis of this post quick and simple: I found a new favorite brunch spot yesterday in Brooklyn. I went out yet again to meet a friend at Vinegar Hill House, a restaurant that my little sister actually told me about. She visited a friend in BK a while back who took her there and she loved it. Well, I did too!

I mean, who wouldn’t love this plate of perfection?

That would be poached eggs over  fava bean puree, topped with cucumber, onion, and olive salad, with 2 small slices of toasted focaccia-type bread on the side. I also had half a grapefruit on the side.

It was sooooo good! The eggs were cooked perfectly and the fava bean puree added a creamy richness to the dish. I love that it was rich and satisfying but dairy free- Loren could eat it! Everything else on the menu looked amazing- as did my friend’s beans on toast. I can’t wait to go back and try more dishes!

Happy Monday… have a great start to the week!

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Good Evening! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends. It was a cold and rainy one over here, but I still managed to have some much-needed fun. The weekend also included a lot of dining out.

Yesterday began with a home-made breakfast, made with love by Loren. We used the TJ’s pumpkin pancake mix and added fresh blueberries to the mix. I even added some dark chocolate chips to some!! I topped my pancakes with cottage cheese and some home made apple butter sent to me by my close friends Billy and Sheryl (thanks Cheryl!)

They were delicious. The apple butter was awesome-tasted just like apple sauce but with a bit more cinnamon and spices.

And I took lots of pics!

Later in the day, I went into the city and met my sister for lunch and a play. We didn’t have a lot of time for lunch so we stopped at a cute little bar & grill called Acme. I was in the mood for salad, and the waiter told us that salads would be quick, so I ordered the blackened chicken salad with cajun ranch dressing on the side.

It was excellent! The chicken had lots of great smokey, spicy flavor and the dressing was really tasty, though I didn’t need much of it.

It was REALLY filling and I couldn’t finish-lots of protein!

After the play we walked a lot through the veeerrry cold streets of NY. We parted ways and I headed to Starbucks to kill some time while I was waiting to have yet another meal out with Loren and my other sister, Elizabeth.

I had a chamomile tea and small piece of dark chocolate-warmed me right up!

The three of us met at Blue Ribbon Sushi in SoHo for dinner. Blue Ribbon is known for having fresh, delicious sushi and it did not disappoint. I started off with the house salad with ginger dressing and was immediately impressed-it was one of the best salads I have had at a Japanese restaurant; the dressing was light was extremely flavorful and the salad was topped with lots of scallions and avocado.

We all split a bowl of edamame.

I ordered a spicy tuna roll with tempura flakes and a shrimp tempura roll. Both rolls were amazing and super fresh tasting. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

I had three pieces of each roll and gave the rest to Loren (he’s happy that I’m watching my portions-he definitely benefits!)

It was a really great night- and I felt really good about my choices in a day full of dining out.

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Good morning!

Firstly: thank you all soooo much for all of your supportive and helpful comments in response to yesterday’s post. You guys gave me great ideas to combat feeling down during winter, from exercising more and spending time outside, to wearing a cute outfit and primping a bit more (never thought of it!), to drinking more delicious teas, lighting “winter scented” candles, and a lot more. THANK YOU! These are the times when I am so happy I have this blog and so grateful to have so many awesome and supportive readers/ friends in the blogosphere. Especially friends who are experts in getting through the winter!

Anyway, off of my heart-felt rant, onto food!

Last night, Loren and I went to dinner for my friend Ana’s birthday. We were supposed to go to Casuella, a cheese/ wine bar in Midtown West, but the service was really snotty and they basically told us they “couldn’t seat tables over 4 for the night”… Confusing. SO, we got on our phones and started searching for places nearby. None of us felt like walking much because it was soooo cold- and luckily we found a pretty good place nearby. We went to Uncle Nick’s, a Greek restaurant with lots of room for all of us. It had a relaxed, cozy vibe and an open kitchen. It smelled great- always a good sign!

We decided to just share a bunch of appetizers and big plates. We started out with a huge Greek Salad and a Mezze Plate with 4 different dips: tzatziki, a salmon roe spread, an eggplant spread, and a potato garlic spread. They also brought a ton of delicious pita bread to the table.

I had a lot more salad but tried not to overdo it on the bread. I had 3 pita slices with the apps and decided to hold off for the big plates to come to have more. We ordered a whole grilled fish, chicken kabobs, and a big Gyro Plate.

I had bites of each, but the Gyro (made of beef and lamb I think) was definitely the best- so flavorful!

The fish:

And the chicken (really juicy and full of flavor but I was too full by this point so I only had 1 bite):

It was a nice meal- Uncle Nick’s is definitely a place I would recommend for casual group dining in that area. I was also happy that I paced myself throughout the meal and didn’t overeat, which I can sometime do when I split a lot of plates. I didn’t drink any alcohol with dinner and I think that helped a lot to keep my willpower in check!

Now off to enjoy the weekend and the cold BUT SUNNY 🙂 day. Thank you all again for your amazing tips on braving the cold and facing wintertime with a smile!

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Even though I didn’t do much this weekend, I feel like it flew by! Why does that always happen?

Yesterday was a perfect Sunday in terms of rest/ productivity- a good mix. I went to the gym in the morning, read my book while I ate breakfast, went out for a long walk and some produce shopping, went to TJ’s with Loren, cleaned up around my apartment, and went out to dinner at the BEST Japanese place with Nishant (houseguest/ friend) and Loren. And then I read some more. The Hours is amazing- I can’t believe I haven’t read it yet. I loooove Virginia Woolf’s work, so the book is perfect for me.

What wasn’t so great about yesterday was going through my winter sweaters and discovering moths/ larvae/ holes in some of my favorite sweaters. And having to throw them out. And pick larvae off my clothes. I did not grow up in the Northeast and had no idea moths could do such a thing. Grooooosss.

Breakfast yesterday was a big bowl of “holiday oats”. Basically, just my usual pumpkin oats with some dried cranberries on top. Festive, no?

I also made one of my favorite lunches: tuna salad with crackers and carrots. It is very simple, but definitely comfort food for me. My mom used to make us the best tuna salad- all the time. It feels like home!

I now use mayo made from olive oil- its very good!

My post-TJ run snacks included some indulgent little goodies:

These mini ice cream sandwiches are delicious and only 120 calories each! (They are also quite small). Perfect for a snack or small dessert.

I also had some watermelon and pineapple slices (I know, I know… I’m bad. Not local, not at all).

And later we went to dinner at Hibino in Brooklyn. The food here, as always, was amazing- but the service last night was really bad- way too slow. And our waitress was not so nice.

But, like I said, the food was awesome!

I got a seaweed salad which had all kinds of seaweed in it (I ate most of it- some were a little too “sea-ish” for me!) and we split  an order of asparagus tempura. Yum!

And I had some “pressed sushi”. One had cooked mackarel with shisho sauce on top; the other was tuna with a bit of avocado and shisho. They were both incredible- so fresh tasting. The tuna melted in my mouth.

Even though the servie wasn’t that great, the food made up for it (and I am usually not so forgiving). Hibino is definitely my favorite sushi joint around!

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Good morning! So nice that it’s still the weekend… I feel like its lasting forever- and I like that! I am definitely not ready to go back to work tomorrow…

Yesterday was another fun day with the fam. We woke up and had breakfast together. I had a scooped out whole wheat bagel with smoked salmon.

I just use a bit of cream cheese and lots of capers, onions, and smoked salmon.

After breakfast, Loren and I took a long walk (a little break from the fam) in the sun. He bought a nice winter jacket, too! I restrained myself from shopping, somehow! (OK, I didn’t see anything I liked 😉 ).

At 2 pm, we all went to see Superior Donuts, a play now on Broadway. It was fantastic- I highly recommend it to anyone visiting NYC (or living here). Very well acted, very well written. At the play, I had a handful of mixed M & M’s….

And a granola bar.

(Loren was my hand model).  When we got back to my parents hotel, I munched on some fruit that was in their fridge.

I ate a bunch of melon and pineapple.

Then we all headed out to Academia DeVino, a restaurant on the Upper East Side, for dinner. It was good- not great. But it was nice to have a big table for all of us to eat at in a kind of private space.

I ordered a Ceasar Salad, which was just OK. I didn’t eat any of the croutons, and munched on some of Loren’s vegetables- portabello mushrooms and beets.

For my entre, I ordered a grilled flat bread pizza with Soppressata (a kind of Italian sausage), red pepper sauce, and cheese.

It was good- the crust was nice and thin- but it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. I had 3 slices and passed it on to the fam. I also had one slice of my sister’s plain pizza.

All in all, it was a pretty good day of eating. I was happy that I practiced portion control and was able to eat some of the things that I love. 🙂 It’s not what you eat… it’s how much!

I woke up this morning and headed straight to the gym and felt great breaking a sweat. Now, off to one final brunch with the family! See you later!

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Good morning!

Yesterday was a day full of family, food, and exploring NYC. My family first sat down for a big breakfast, but I wasn’t in the mood for a lot of food, so I just had a croissant off of a big bread plate.

I love croissants! I rarely have them (high fat, low staying power) but today was an exception to the rule. I also had a clementine- for some vitamins, of course. 🙂

We then headed down to the Lower East Side to see my half-sister’s new gallery space that is currently under construction. It was very exciting!

It is going to be really nice when it is finished! After we saw the space, we walked around the neighborhood. The Lower East Side is a really interesting mix of old tenements and factories (industrial spaces), Chinatown, gentrification (cool, hip young people), and old Jewish establishments.

It was a cooooold, windy day out, but obviously I had my camera out and was snapping photos as we walked.

Then, we headed to Katz’s Deli! Katz’s has been around since my parents were little, serving up everything you would want to find in a Jewish Deli. I actually have never been to Katz’s (gasp) but I have walked by a million times and wanted to try it. Yesterday was the day!

It was a bit of a madhouse inside and impossible, at first, to figure out how to find a table. When we finally got settled in, the waiter brought lots of pickles to our table. I was happy!

I wasn’t in the mood for a super meaty sandwich (my sisters got Pastrami and Corn Beef) so I went for a nice, juicy hot dog topped with sauerkraut and a side of cole slaw.

I also had a hot chocolate to drink (weird combo- I know- but it was cold outside!). The hot dog was amaaaazing- really flavorful and juicy. The cole slaw I could have done without- it was way too mayonnaisey and too sweet for me. I had a couple of bites and shared it.

I love lots of condiments on my hot dog- but not too much that they overpower the dog. It’s a science, really.

My family wanted to show off their food, as well, on the blog. My nephew ordered some beef chili which he said was really gross. My brother-in-law (pictured) tried it as well and concurred!

My sister ordered a Reuben with Corn Beef. We tried bites but agreed it was too fatty without enough flavor.

My dad and brother-in-law ordered knishes (mashed potato wrapped in a thin dough)- a very typical Jewish food. I had never had one but my dad has always talked about how he ate them constantly throughout his childhood. I had a bite and liked it! I took a picture but it got totally messed up! :(. I think I need a new memory card- funky things are happening.

We took the subway back uptown…

And I had a green apple before heading to the gym.

I did 45 minutes of cardio- the elliptical and the bike- because I needed to move!

We ordered in dinner and I tried to keep it very light. I really wasn’t in the mood for much. I had a salad with carrots, hears of palm, and corn.

And one slice of thin-crust veggie pizza. It was just veggies and tomato sauce- no cheese. And it was actually just fine without it!

I also had a little bit of spinach on the side.

I was very proud of myself for just sticking to what I had ordered. When my family orders takeout, they order WAY too much food and everyone tends to overeat. While I had 2 bites of someone else’s chicken dish, I promised myself to just eat what I had ordered and nothing more. So I didn’t feel ill or too full after the meal. I actually had room for dessert- fruit!

I love pineapple! Had a bunch of it.

Now off to enjoy a sunny day! It’s cold out but beautiful. I will be back later with a recap. Hope you all are enjoying the weekend!

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