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I’ve always loved eggs. They are, seriously, a perfect food. One egg is a protein packed, low-calorie, high satisfaction guarantee!

And lately, I’ve been eating a lot of eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even though I am no longer a vegetarian, I still don’t eat very much meat, so eggs provide me with the protein I crave.

For me, a perfect breakfast is a sunny side up egg cracked over a slice of WW toast with lots of hot sauce (and some cottage cheese on the side for extra lasting power).

Looks weird,  but trust me, it’s a really good combo!

For dinner, I recently tried my own version of “beans and toast” for dinner using some TJ’s baked beans… topped with a perfect sunny side up egg. Simple, easy, and so satisfying for a weeknight meal.

There was a little bit of cheddar on their, too!

And recently, Loren and I made a miraculous discovery. Well, not so miraculous, but a life-changing event for us nonetheless….  We started hard boiling a carton eggs on Sundays, so they are ready for snacks and meals for the rest of the week! So easy, so life altering- REALLY!

I’m sure most of you guys have your own egg boiling recipes, but for those of you, who, like me, were a little clueless in this department, I found an easy system:

  • Put eggs in pot
  • Cover with cold water, at least 1 inch higher than the top of the eggs
  • Put vinegar in water (I use rice vinegar) to prevent the whites from coming through any cracks. Add salt to help it boil faster
  • Cover, bring to boil
  • Once the water is at a ROLLING boil, bring down heat to medium low, and cook for another 8-10 minutes, depending on how well you want them cooked
  • When you remove the eggs from stove, put them in a bowl of ice water so they STOP cooking right away
  • Put in your fridge and enjoy all week!

I don’t know why we didn’t start doing this sooner. It’s been so nice to have these guys in the fridge, ready to be made in to lovely kitchen creations. While I love eating them plain with salt-and-pepper, I love cutting them up (one whole egg, one white) and having them on toast for breakfast.

I love spreading cream cheese, really good butter, or a little bit of sharp cheddar on the bread as well.

And one day when I was home for lunch, I made the most delicious egg salad using one egg and two egg whites (mayo, mustard, s &p).

Having the eggs ready makes these kinds of healthy meals so simple and fast.


So, us egg eaters are on a whole new kick. We buy two cartons of large, cage free eggs a week and hard boil a dozen every Sunday.

I just ate my last for snack while posting, so I can’t wait for a fresh batch tomorrow!


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Last night, I made the most yummy dinner- and it was really quick! Perfect for a weeknight meal.

I was in the mood for pasta, but I wanted to try something a little different. So I put together the following ingredients in my kitchen:

  • 1 Eggplant
  • 1 Roll of polenta
  • Trader Joe’s “Giotti” canned tomato sauce
  • Goat’s milk gouda

I decided to combine all of these ingredients into mini eggplant/ polenta “lasagnas”- and they turned out really well!

I preheated my oven to 350, sliced up the eggplant, and cooked it in a pan (about 3 minutes each side) on medium heat with some EVOO, salt, and pepper. While the eggplant cooked, I sliced up the polenta. Then, I just stacked the soft eggplant and the slices of polenta (just 2 slices of both- didn’t want them to topple over!). I topped the “lasagnas” with the TJ’s sauce and a slice of yummy cheese on top.

I popped the whole thing in the oven, covered in aluminum foil, for 20 minutes. I took off the foil after 20 minutes and let it sit in the oven and bake for another 5.

And, VOILA!  A cheap, easy, and really tasty dinner!

If none of you have cooked with polenta in the past, I highly recommend it. It’s actually made of cornmeal, and you can find it in any supermarket these days, usually in the pasta aisle. I like to buy it pre-made in a roll (wrapped in plastic) which is easy to cut up and bake or pan fry. I was really happy with this version… as I don’t use recipes, I’m always happy when I play with ingredients and it works!

All of the flavors worked perfectly together. You could definitely play with the ingredients and add things like zucchini, peppers, fresh basil, a sharper cheese, etc. This dish is very forgiving! Especially if you have a great sauce (This TJ’s marinara is highly recommended by yours truly).

This dish also makes plenty of leftovers (if you are two hungry eaters, like we are). It made enough for 2 filling meals for both of us!

Hope you all give this a try at home. If you do, don’t be afraid to add new flavors and ingredients- and let me know how you like it!

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Hi guys! While I certainly haven’t been posting as much as usual, I have been taking pictures of some of my most delicious eats over the last week or so. There’s been some great meals! So let me share…


We’ve been low on groceries, I’ve tried to keep cooking…

First up, a simple and delicious meal: A tomato and cucumber salad with a warm tuna melt.

I just made the tuna salad, scooped it on some bread, topped it with some shredded Gouda and toasted it up! This is a Loren/ Kat favorite. And the cats always want some, too!

One night, when we were very low on groceries, I was proud of myself for putting together a healthy, veggie-filled meal from the pantry and my freezer. I combined some frozen chopped spinach with a big can of Trader Joe’s tomato sauce and some chickpeas. I just made some whole wheat angel hair pasta (the best kind of whole wheat pasta because it has a nice texture) and topped it with the sauce. I also made a green salad on the side.


If you don’t like the texture of whole wheat pasta, and therefore don’t eat it, I highly recommend you try angel hair whole-wheat. You can find it at any grocery store.

But my favorite dinner that I’ve cooked in the last week was definitely wild salmon- baked in aluminum foil in covered with a sauce of olive oil, lemon, capers, and dijon grain mustard. In the oven for 22 minutes at 400.

And voilà, the best salmon EVER. And I cooked up some really easy veggies to have on the side: corn and haricot verts (fancy word for skinny string beans). They were so easy because I could just boil both vegetables (at different times) in the same pot.

And there you have it- a 20 minute meal. 🙂


These are some of my favorite breakfast as of late…

Apple/banana oatmeal.  I added half a chopped green apple and half a sliced banana to the oatmeal and let it all cook together for about seven minutes. I added lots of cinnamon and some maple syrup as well.

Then there was the “waffles benedict”- Yogurt, apple, apricot jam, and PB on whole wheat waffles!

SOOO good!

A simple sunny side up egg on toast. Little bit of cream cheese. Lots of hot sauce!

And my favorite breakie of all: today’s! Scooped out FRESH whole wheat-everything bagel with a little bit of chive cream cheese, capers, sliced tomato, and lox (smoked salmon).

Yes, I am a Jewish girl at heart. This is my people’s food! I’ve gotta love it- its in my blood. 😉

And that’s about it for the greatest as of late. I promise to try to post more regularly- please bare with me!

Today I am actually attempting a double workout- lets see how that goes. I swam for 30 minutes this morning and I am heading to a Novice/ Open pilates class. I’m excited- I really want to get into Pilates- seems so good for toning, stretching, and strengthening the body. And I found a great-looking studio right down the street! Love Brooklyn.

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Yesterday was, in my eyes, the first true day of winter here in NYC. It was coooold!

I woke up and headed straight to the gym. I did the elliptical for 30/ 35 minutes and some ab/ strengthening work on the mat. Felt strong!

I made a breakfast bowl when I got back which starred the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread that I baked on Sunday night. It was so easy (just add eggs, oil, water) and sooooo good! I mixed the pumpkin bread with some cottage cheese, half a banana, and some blueberries. Deeeelish!

I also packed lunch and snacks for the day: spinach salad with shredded carrots, salami, and olives; a string cheese; the last of some brown rice chips; 2 clementines; and the other half on my banana from breakfast.

I also had a skim unsweetened Hot Chocolate (made from real cocoa) on the walk home from work.

I was very proud of myself for the spontaneously creative dinner I came up with last night. I saw butternut squash in the fridge (pre-sliced from the produce shop I go to), and knew I wanted to make something centered around it.

I marinated/ covered the squash in a mix of clementine juice (didn’t have oranges- same thing!), maple syrup, olive oil, black pepper, and lots of cinnamon. After 45 minutes at 400 degrees, the squash was ready. When it came out of the oven, I sliced it up into even smaller pieces.

Then, I put some Angel Hair pasta into a bowl of boiling water for 3 minutes. While the pasta cooked, I sautéed garbanzo beans with the squash in a little more maple syrup and olive oil. At the very end, I added some Cranberry Goat Cheese from TJ’s (—-> SOOOO GOOD!) and, finally, the pasta. Mixed it all up and… Voila!

I was very impressed with myself. 🙂 I liked that it had a light sweet flavor, but not too sweet like “sweet pastas” can sometimes be in restaurants. I think that is because I didn’t use too much maple syrup, and flavored it with plenty of salt and pepper. The cranberry goat cheese also gave it a nice, tangy flavor.

I also made a quick tomato, onion, and cucumber salad to go with.

My portion of pasta (I definitely went back for more!).

I made a TON so there will definitely be leftovers making an appearance in the days to come!

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Today I spent my entire day in our apartment, in my PJ’s… being really lazy. I read my book (The Hours), watched a movie with Loren (Funny People- very good) and just did a whole lotta nothing. I rarely do this, but it was so gray/ rainy/ cold out today that I had no motivation to get out of my PJs. So I didn’t. And it felt great!

Lots of lounging means less hunger and a need for less food, so we didn’t eat very much today- just two meals. Breakfast was a wrap with scrambled eggs/ egg whites, feta cheese, and avocado. With lots of hot sauce! And some earl gray tea.

I love breakfast burritos- there is nothing better!

I also had 2 clementines. Almost done with half of a giant box!

I snacked on some light TJ’s popcorn while we watched the movie.

Around 7, I started to feel hungry again. I saw some TJ’s turkey meatballs in the freezer that I have been wanting to try. Loren had the idea of cooking up some mushrooms with the meatballs and making a meal of it. We didn’t have marinara sauce, so I just cooked everything in olive oil, tomato paste, and a little bit of red wine (after nuking the meatballs in the microwave for a few minutes).

We also had a salad with EVOO and balsamic vinegar on the side. Loren poured me a little bit of wine but I wasn’t in the mood- didn’t drink it.

We melted a bit of cheese on top of the meatball/ mushroom mix. It was really good!

And I grabbed a slice of Ezekial toast to go with. Tasted like a meatball sub!

After dinner, I snuck a mini Reeses leftover from Halloween.

I would bet good $$ that I will consume another clementine or two before bed.  I love them!

I am spending the night in, taking it easy. Last night was a going out/ drinking night so tonight will just be me, my book, my kitties, and a mug of tea. I hope tomorrow will be a more active day!

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Hello blog world!

I got to bed early last night and got loooots of sleep, so I am chipper as I sound this morning. Sleep does miracles for my mood… I had a really bad muscles spasm in my neck that built up over the weekend, so I took yesterday off from exercise and booked a massage appointment instead. I needed to get someone in there to break up the tension!

I whipped up a batch of oats for breakfast with my normal mix of banana, pumpkin, and PB- topped with some flax.

And some earl gray tea, of course.

And a clementine! I bought a huge box of these at TJ’s on Sunday and split it with my sister. Still, I have a lot to eat! They are so good, though, that I don’t mind the challenge. 🙂

I also packed lunch/ snacks for the day and took a quick shot of it before running out the door:

It included: leftover salad from Monday night’s dinner, a wrap with honey turkey and some delicious salami (!), a laughing cow cheese, a green apple, and 2 clementines. At lunchtime, I just combined the laughing cow cheese, salad, and the whole wheat tortilla & meat to make a nice, big, healthy wrap. It was awesome! Yesterday afternoon, I also had a hot chocolate and a bite of a chocolate covered strawberry. Lots of fruit!

My massage was incredible and I was so thankful (to myself 🙂 )that I had booked it. The masseuse was amazing- she went really deep into the muscles, which was exactly what I needed. And she focused the whole time on my neck/ shoulders. I am a little sore today so I will be popping some advil, for sure.

I was craving salmon all day so I picked some up on the way home- wild, of course! I made it using my favorite method of wrapping it in tin foil and putting it in the oven. I just topped it with salt, pepper, lots of lemon and lemon juice and put it in the oven at 400 for 25 minutes. Perfection!

I also roasted some fingerling potatoes in the oven for about 35 minutes at 400. I seasoned them with fresh rosemary, olive oil, S & P. They also came out really well.

On the side, I made a huge salad filled with tons of great veggies: mushrooms, sugar snap peas, cukes, carrots, lettuce, and an orange pepper. I topped it with feta, sunflower seeds, and golden raisins. SO good. I could eat this salad every day!

Loren was very impressed with the meal when he got home. 😉

I had a huge serving of salad and only a few potatoes. Everything went together really nicely!

I spent the night reading in bed. I love when we finish dinner by 8 and have a couple of hours of just peaceful time before we go to sleep. I used to watch a lot of TV, but I am trying to be more choosey about what I watch and when I watch it. Sometimes it just disrupts the natural flow of my mind quieting before bed.

I went back to the kitchen for some dessert, too!

A handful of M&M’s that are in the freezer. SO good frozen!

It was a very soothing day- and that’s probably why I slept so well last night. I need to take care of myself like this more often! 😉 I definitely woke up feeling like a happier me!

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Morning, all! Sadly, it’s back to reality today. The work week has begun!

It was sad to say goodbye to my whole family and to the holiday weekend which I love and look forward to all year. BUT, I am seeing everyone very soon (in 3 weeks) for an amazing trip that my parents are taking us on over Christmas break. I am so excited! (More details to come…)

We ended our weekend yesterday in family style- with food, of course! We all ordered breakfast and ate together in my parents’ hotel. I went to the gym before breakfast, knowing we were eating a big meal. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes of weights and abs. It was tough!

It was really nice to be together around a big table one last time. 🙂 I ordered Eggs Benedict, without the Hollandaise sauce, without the ham. So really, it was poached eggs on an English Muffin. And I stole two pieces of bacon to go with!

The hotel poached the eggs perfectly: nice and runny on the inside, well-cooked on the outside. Love that gooey yoke on toast!

We all took one final walk around Central Park and then it was time to say our goodbyes. My little sister, Margaret, actually came back to Brooklyn with us for the afternoon to see our apartment and our neighborhood for the first time. We dropped off our bags at the apartment and strolled around for a while, trying to take in all the daylight we could before about 4:30 when it gets dark! We stopped for a snack/ small lunch at one of my favorite cafes, Ted & Honey.

I split a vegetable and goat cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with Loren. It was filled with portabellos and roasted red peppers.

Hot and toasty. Yum!
After our snack, Marg and I headed to Trader Joe’s. I bought a ton of groceries- we were out of everything! Its been weeks since we have shopped. And she picked up some goodies to take back to school- very important since she can’t get organic, good food close by. Since she was heading back to college last night, I wanted to make her a nice homemade dinner… OK, I also really wanted a homemade, veggie-filled meal! No more dining out for a while, please!

Dinner was centered around the Garlic Naan we bought at TJ’s. Margaret loves it and was raving about it in the store, so I wanted to give it a try. In keeping with the Indian theme, I wanted to make a kind of curry- bean dish, similar to the flavors in dahl.

I first cooked a chopped half onion and 3 chopped tomatoes in a pan, until the tomatoes were pretty mushy. Then I added about 1/2 cup (I don’t measure) of almond milk to give it a creamy texture. (After learning from many of you that Almond Milk Curdles because it can’t hit very hot liquid when it is cold, I heated it up in the microwave for 30 seconds before adding it to the mix. It did the trick! Thanks!) Then, I added a large can of drained kidney beans to the pan. I put a lot of curry powder, some dark chili powder, red chili flakes, salt, pepper, 3 bay leaves, and some nutmeg in the mix. I leg the whole mix cook together on medium-low for about 15 minutes to get nice and thick. The almond milk bubbled up nicely.

I also roasted some brussel sprouts to go along with the beans. I flavored them with 2 cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, and EVOO. I sautéed the mix in a pan until the brussel sprouts were golden brown, then put them in the over for about 20 minutes at 350.

I have to say, the whole meal turned out pretty well- considering I was just playing with flavors! My eaters were happy…

We had some really good $10 Spanish wine with the meal that Loren picked up a few days ago. It was perfect!

(Yes, Buzz likes to sit in my seat and show me who’s boss.) The beans turned out so well. I will definitely be making this again very soon!

And the naan was amazing- not too garlicy, but flavorful. I just heated it in the oven for about 5 minutes and it was perfect- chewy and doughy. I split a piece with Marg.

Dessert was two lovely clementines.

And after another short walk (I love walks, what can I say?), a hot bubble bath, and starting a new book (The Hours– can’t believe I haven’t read it yet) I felt a bit better about the holiday weekend coming to an end. I had trouble getting to sleep, but that always happens when I’m a bit sad. Today is a new day and I am feeling much better, thanks to a great morning swim!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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