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I just came across an amazing short film by Dove (as in the body wash), called “Evolution”- and I wanted to share it with you guys. It is part of their Real Beauty Campaign and shows how normal looking women are transformed/ photo-shopped into completely unattainable, inhuman versions of perfection for us to compare ourselves too.

It is pretty unbelievable that this is what we are looking at everyday when we read a magazine or watch TV- or what we think about when we look in the mirror and frown at what we see. It is not real!


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I hope you all will read this incredible article on the front page of The New York Times today, about the plight of women in the world, particularly the developing world. As someone who writes about food and health, I don’t want to ignore the fact that I am LUCKY and blessed to have been born in a country and into a family where I had the opportunities, education, and resources to go to school and to build a safe and healthy life for myself. I feel lucky to be able to have food on my table everyday and to be able to access and use a computer. I have traveled quite a bit in the developing world, and have worked with a number of immigrant women in this country, and I know that not all women are as lucky as I have been. How crazy is it that ONE PERCENT OF THE WORLD’S LANDOWNERS ARE WOMEN?

But I believe this is something we ALL can do something about- the world can and will change if we each do small things to make the world a better place for all. πŸ™‚

The Women’s Crusade

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I’ll be back later with a food recap, just wanted to add some cheer to your morning with a video I love!

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Dinner Date

Hello blog friends!

I just wanted to get in a quick post before bed. Loren and I went out tonight for a little celebration… he had some major accomplishments to celebrate this week! He’s going out of town tomorrow, so we wanted to celebrate tonight.

We went to Kyoto Sushi – Loren loves Japanese. It was a little dark in the restaurant, so please forgive the dark photos!

We started with reen salad with ginger dressing. I love this stuff.


Edamame, which we shared. They served it with a lemon- never seen that before… We stuck to it plain.


I had a sushi role with avocado, cucumber, and mango on the inside, tuna and salmon on the outside. It was good- very fresh tasting! I ate most of it- just not all the fish on top.


We went for a nice walk through Brooklyn….


And I got this:


Small oreos n cream with chocolate sprinkles at Tasti D-Lite. I know its artificial crap, but sometime I crave it! It was a great end to the night.

And for today’s afternoon snack recap… I have a few of these:


With carrots and hummus. Great combo.


I only buy “healthy chips” like these to have around because I definitely have a “salt tooth” more than a “sweet tooth” and get chip cravings. I try to do what I did here, which is to have about half a serving of chips with veggies and some kind of protein, like hummus, for staying power.

I’m currently sipping camomile tea while I post. My tummy is hurting a little bit, so I’m hoping the tea with help.

Goodnight bloggies, sweet dreams! πŸ˜‰

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Welcome to My…

Fridge! πŸ™‚

Good morning, all. So, today I wanted to give you a little introduction to my fridge, so you can see what I am working with. I have seen some bloggers out there do this, and I think its a great idea for readers to get a glimpse into your essentials!

food blog 8.18 011

As you can see, my fridge is not the most organized one in the world, but it has all the essentials.I like to keep a good stock of fruits and veggies, a few cheeses (I buy string cheese because they are great for portion controlled snacks and usually nicer cheese for the week). My bf doesn’t eat cows milk or cheese, so I have to be careful with how much I buy- or it will go to waste! We drink rice or almond milk at home (top shelf).

This week, I also went to Sahadi’s, an amazing Middle Eastern store nearby that has tons of nuts, beans, cheese, and spreads, and picked up some Labne (a kind of thick yogurt spread for pitas, etc). That’s sitting on the top shelf. I am also happily well stocked with butter, cream cheese, cottage cheese, tofu (uncooked and TJ baked tofu), the fish I made for dinner last night, and lots of produce. I also love Ezekial bread and the TJ’s whole wheat flax wraps I have (middle shelf).

I have also recently changed my grocery shop routine, because we moved to a different neighborhood in Brooklyn. I used to shop at the Park Slope Food Coop, a member run cooperative with amazing food, mostly local and organic, at great prices. We lived about 15 blocks away and would set aside an evening every 10 days to wheel our giant cart down there, fill it up with food, and walk home. (We don’t have a car). We also had to work about 3 hours every 4 weeks- which I didn’t really mind. It was more of the shlep that bothered me and the fact that I would buy so many groceries at once that I couldn’t plan out any meals, and a lot of great produce would go to waste.

So now we live a good bus ride away from the Coop and very close to a Trader Joe’s. We decided to make the switch because this year is so hectic, I don’t have time for a 3 hour shopping adventure every week and a 3 hour work shift every 4 weeks. Frankly, I am really enjoying getting groceries when I need them every 4-5 days and making smaller trips! I think TJ has, overall, environmentally friendly choices (thought they don’t need to wrap everything in plastic!) and good prices. But I will miss the amazing bulk spices, nuts, and delicious cheeses from the Coop. Oh well.

I am also trying to look for farmers markets on the weekends (and there are plenty here) where I can buy locally grown produce- so that I am not buying it all at TJ.

OK, back to the fridge. Here are the condiments… I should probably go through these!

food blog 8.18 012

I love mostly all sauces… ketchup, different kinds of mustard, BBQ sauce, mayo, jam, almond butter, peanut butter, etc. I love olives, pickles, and peppers. There is also a delicious bar of dark chocolate on the to shelf. I have a little bit of chocolate after dinner most days.

And onto the freezer:

food blog 8.18 013

food blog 8.18 014

Whoops- that’s not organized!

I love frozen whole wheat waffles for breakfast. We also bought a lot of Amy’s organic at the Coop- it was so cheap there compared to other stores. I love her burritos. Haven’t tried the pizzas- they’ve been sitting in there for a while!

Alright, hope you enjoyed the tour. Catch you guys later!

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