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Hi guys,

Im going to start putting together a series every so often on “Things I’m Loving (Right Now)”- just things I am into at the moment, from food to books, to soaps, dog toys, etc. Anything and everything making my life better- and things you guys might be into as well.

So this Months List Includes the Following:

  • Dr. Bronner’s Miracle Soap in Lavender. It really does clean everything! I use it to clean out my tub, and then in my tub for a really relaxing soak. Lavender is the most calming sent to me.
  • Galaxy Granola. I was sent a few free samples a month ago and it is amazing! All natural, no added sugars, flavor baked in. It is super crunchy and has great flavor. My favorite was the Raspberry Granola with real pieces of dried raspberries in it. Yum! Try over cottage cheese for a great snack.
  • Little Bee, by Chris Cleave. A great read that really pulls you in from the first page about a refugee from Nigeria and an Englishwoman whose lives intersect. I’m really enjoying it- but its keeping me up every night!
  • The Good Fork Pork Dumplings, and the fact that they are now sold at a booth at the Brooklyn Flea every Saturday in Fort Greene. Hands down the BEST dumplings I have ever had- so juicy with amazing flavor, and this incredible sauce on top. I almost peed myself with happiness when I saw them at the Flea.
  • Pilates. I’m so into it right now! Its changing my whole body- strength, tone, flexibility, and helps you breathe better. Find a small group class near you with reformers (the machines) and go! You will love it- just shop around for a good, knowledgeable teacher. And start with a Beginner’s Class.
  • The Highline. I visited this Manhattan development this weekend for the first time- it was incredible. So cool! Old train tracks now covered in an amazing boardwalk type thing with seating, foot pools, and incredible gardens. Eventually it will run from downtown to mid-town. You must visit it when you are in NYC.

Hope that gives you all some inspiration/ ideas for the month. Feel free to add your own- I love hearing from you. ūüôā


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Hi guys! While I certainly haven’t been posting as much as usual, I have been taking pictures of some of my most delicious eats over the last week or so. There’s been some great meals! So let me share…


We’ve been low on groceries, I’ve tried to keep cooking…

First up, a simple and delicious meal: A tomato and cucumber salad with a warm tuna melt.

I just made the tuna salad, scooped it on some bread, topped it with some shredded Gouda and toasted it up! This is a Loren/ Kat favorite. And the cats always want some, too!

One night, when we were very low on groceries, I was proud of myself for putting together a healthy, veggie-filled meal from the pantry and my freezer. I combined some frozen chopped spinach with a big can of Trader Joe’s tomato sauce and some chickpeas. I just made some whole wheat angel hair pasta (the best kind of whole wheat pasta because it has a nice texture) and topped it with the sauce. I also made a green salad on the side.


If you don’t like the texture of whole wheat pasta, and therefore don’t eat it, I highly recommend you try angel hair whole-wheat. You can find it at any grocery store.

But my favorite dinner that I’ve cooked in the last week was definitely wild salmon- baked in aluminum foil in covered with a sauce of olive oil, lemon, capers, and dijon grain mustard. In the oven for 22 minutes at 400.

And voilà, the best salmon EVER. And I cooked up some really easy veggies to have on the side: corn and haricot verts (fancy word for skinny string beans). They were so easy because I could just boil both vegetables (at different times) in the same pot.

And there you have it- a 20 minute meal. ūüôā


These are some of my favorite breakfast as of late…

Apple/banana oatmeal.  I added half a chopped green apple and half a sliced banana to the oatmeal and let it all cook together for about seven minutes. I added lots of cinnamon and some maple syrup as well.

Then there was the “waffles benedict”- Yogurt, apple, apricot jam, and PB on whole wheat waffles!

SOOO good!

A simple sunny side up egg on toast. Little bit of cream cheese. Lots of hot sauce!

And my favorite breakie of all: today’s! Scooped out FRESH whole wheat-everything bagel with a little bit of chive cream cheese, capers, sliced tomato, and lox (smoked salmon).

Yes, I am a Jewish girl at heart. This is my people’s food! I’ve gotta love it- its in my blood. ūüėČ

And that’s about it for the greatest as of late. I promise to try to post more regularly- please bare with me!

Today I am actually attempting a double workout- lets see how that goes. I swam for 30 minutes this morning and I am heading to a Novice/ Open pilates class. I’m excited- I really want to get into Pilates- seems so good for toning, stretching, and strengthening the body. And I found a great-looking studio right down the street! Love Brooklyn.

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Good morning, blog world!

I am currently reporting to you like this:

What am I doing? I am “typing” — hands-free! Last week, when I realized that I really couldn’t type for a while, I ordered MacSpeech Dictate, a voice activation software. I have never seen anything like this. It is amazing! Very accurate, very easy to use, and will make my recovery much faster. I am actually going on vacation starting this weekend, so that will help to. But I have so much typing to do at work that I couldn’t go ¬†two weeks without typing.

This software is totally worth it for anyone who has wrist, arm, or nerve problems. What is also very cool about it ¬†is ¬†that you can make multiple profiles, so that, for example, Loren ¬†could also use this program because it would learn to recognize his voice separately. He has a bad wrist ( I know, we are both old people) so this is great for him to! You can also find great programs for PC’s (they are actually rated even higher by most review sites).

Anyways, onto ¬†yesterday’s ¬†eats. After a 35 minute workout on the elliptical at the gym, I came home and made a big bowl of oats sans ¬†pumpkin, but with banana, almond milk, and ¬†topped ¬†with some homemade apple butter.

I also stopped at Starbucks for my usual: a skim  awake tea latte  with one pump  of pumpkin syrup.  The oatmeal was very good-  I always feel so healthy starting my day off with oatmeal.

Lunch was packed at home, as usual. I made a turkey bologna sandwich and  packed lots of fruits and veggies to go with.

If I use half a banana at breakfast, I tried to eat the rest of it for snack that day. That way, I don’t feel that I am being wasteful, but I also don’t eat it all at once. In addition to the snacks above, I also had a small cooked chile, ¬†given to me by a student. ¬†I think it was stuffed with veggies and shredded chicken. ¬†These ladies know how to cook!

I tried to be creative for dinner… eh, ¬†it didn’t go so well. I mean, ¬†I ate it, ¬†but I would change a few things that I made it again. Basically, I try to make a kind of ¬†“Mexican casserole”, layering corn tortillas, beans, and veggies. We had just bought some fresh veggies and I was trying to incorporate them into the meal- ¬†but I think I try to incorporate too many.

For example, broccoli. Bad idea.

Here is the finished product:

I just doctored up my piece and Loren’s ¬†with avocado, yogurt, ¬†cheese, and hot sauce. It was actually pretty good once I took the broccoli off my plate!

For dessert, I had a mini ice cream cookie sandwich from Trader Joe’s.

Can’t believe I “typed” ¬†that whole post while talking to my computer. You can just picture me sitting in my ¬†kitchen, talking to my little ¬†Mac- ¬†that should ¬†make you laugh!

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Good morning! Thanks for all of your well-wishes about my wrist–it’s not feeling all that better but I am going to see a PT today who specializes in hand and wrist–so here’s to hoping! Loren, being the kind boyfriend that he is (editor’s note: she really said this, I didn’t make it up!) actually helped me type up this post last night.

Alright, back back to the important stuff: FOOD!! I started yesterday with a 35 min bike at the gym. When I got home, I was looking for something filling but light to refuel. We don’t have a lot of groceries right now, and since we are heading out of town on Saturday, I’m trying to consume what we have (Anyone have any great recipes for brussel sprouts, tofu, and orange juice?!?). I decided to throw together a bowl of staples: some TJ’s raisin bran cereal, trail mix, dried cranberries, a scoop of peanut butter, and some almond milk.

Not as much fruit as I normally like, but the dried grapes and cranberries count, right?

While making breakfast, I also threw together a few things for lunch that needed to be eaten: A TJ’s Indian channa masala, a string cheese, a whole wheat wrap, and some celery.

I was going to have the apple for snack, but I ended up coming home  a little early, so I made a snack at home. It looked a lot like breakfast!

A bowl of TJ’s lowfat raspberry yogurt with a sprinkle of raisin bran, dried cranberries, and a few chocolate chips.

Dinner was a random mix of foods (what was left in my fridge). I made a “pizza” using the last piece of garlic nan, topped with marinara sauce, goat and feta cheese, and some banana peppers.


I also had an apple, a handful of wasabi peas, and some pistachios (unpictured).

And lots of tea.

Simple dinner=easy clean up.

P.S. Look at what I picked up at the bookstore this weekend!

I can’t wait to read it! It includes lots of vignettes and short stories from all sorts of food writing from 2009. I’m currently reading “Push” by Sapphire (I wanted to read it before I saw the movie “Precious”), so I think the food book will be a happy pick-me-up after a depressing but important read.

Have a great day!

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Yesterday was, in my eyes, the first true day of winter here in NYC. It was coooold!

I woke up and headed straight to the gym. I did the elliptical for 30/ 35 minutes and some ab/ strengthening work on the mat. Felt strong!

I made a breakfast bowl when I got back which¬†starred the¬†Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread that I baked on Sunday night. It was so easy (just add eggs, oil, water) and sooooo good! I mixed the pumpkin bread with some cottage cheese, half a banana, and some blueberries. Deeeelish!

I also packed lunch and snacks for the day: spinach salad with shredded carrots, salami, and olives; a string cheese; the last of some brown rice chips; 2 clementines; and the other half on my banana from breakfast.

I also had a skim unsweetened Hot Chocolate (made from real cocoa) on the walk home from work.

I was very proud of myself for the spontaneously creative dinner I came up with last night. I saw butternut squash in the fridge (pre-sliced from the produce shop I go to), and knew I wanted to make something centered around it.

I¬†marinated/ covered¬†the squash in a mix of clementine juice (didn’t have oranges- same thing!), maple syrup, olive oil, black pepper, and lots of cinnamon. After 45 minutes at 400 degrees, the squash was ready. When it came out of the oven, I sliced it up into even smaller pieces.

Then, I put some Angel Hair pasta into a bowl of boiling water for 3 minutes. While the pasta cooked, I saut√©ed garbanzo beans with the squash in a little more maple syrup and olive oil. At the very end, I added some Cranberry Goat Cheese from TJ’s (—-> SOOOO GOOD!) and, finally,¬†the pasta. Mixed it all up and…¬†Voila!

I was very impressed with myself. ūüôā I liked that it had a light sweet flavor, but not too sweet like “sweet pastas” can sometimes be in restaurants. I think that is because I didn’t use too much maple syrup, and flavored it with plenty of salt and pepper. The cranberry goat cheese also gave it a nice, tangy flavor.

I also made a quick tomato, onion, and cucumber salad to go with.

My portion of pasta (I definitely went back for more!).

I made a TON so there will definitely be leftovers making an appearance in the days to come!

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Morning! It is a great day! The weekend is upon us… ūüôā

Yesterday was also a pretty good day. It began with a 35 minute workout at the gym- a mix of bike and cardio (my usual) and stretching. I laid off the weights for a couple of days to let the muscles in my neck and back relax.

When I got back, I just wanted something light for breakfast, so I made a bowl of cottage cheese, pumpkin granola, 1/2 a banana, sliced pineapple, and a scoop of apricot preserve. With some earl gray…

I was running late to work, but I wanted to pack something homemade for lunch instead of having to eat out. I saw leftover brown rice in the fridge and threw some of the cottage cheese on top of that (I know, 2 servings in one day!), packed a bag full of veggies, and another PURE bar for snack.

It was actually pretty filling! I think all the fiber kept me full throughout the day.

I was excited yesterday to get an email from Nishant, our friend who is staying with us for 10 days. He is Indian and a really good cook. He said he wanted to make dinner for us and I was psyched. He asked what I wanted and, of course, I said, “Indian, please!”. I know he makes great Indian food and I had never had homemade Indian.

He went out and bought a TON of Indian spices and a really nice dubba (a tiffin) for us for all of them to go in!

How awesome is that?!

We didn’t eat until around 9, so I munched on some Italian salami around 7:30 to hold me over. Nishant made an amazing spread:¬†aloo gobi, a potato and cauliflower sabzi, using onions, tomatoes, red chili powder, cumin, turmeric, cilantro and garam masala spice; yellow dahl using cumin, turmeric, tomatoes, garam masala, and cilantro; and some white basmati rice. I took some pictures of him and Loren in action!


And perfecting…

It was amazing!! What I really liked about the meal was that it wasn’t oily at all- Nishant used a lot of water and spices in the dishes but barely any oil. It was so fresh and flavorful.

I added a dollop of yogurt to my plate to balance the SPICINESS of the meal. It was sooo good!

We drank lots of¬†yummy red wine, too. My tummy was very warm and very happy when my head hit the pillow. ūüôā It was a great night!

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Good morning, all!

Does anyone find that when it gets to Thursday in the week you just become happier? Thursday and Friday are my happy days because the weekend is so close! It’s not that I mind work at all (I have a pretty cool boss/ office environment and love the work that we do) and there are plenty of days that I really enjoy, I just look forward to downtime, hanging out with Loren at home and seeing friends. So YAY for Thursday!

Yesterday morning I woke up and dragged my booty to the gym. My neck felt so much better after the day of massage/ rest but I felt it was better to ease of weights for a few days and just do cardio and stretching. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike. I like to mix it up when I get bored!

I actually had some leftover oats from Tuesday’s breakfast in the fridge because I had made 2 servings. I reheated that in the microwave and made myself a plate of fruit- a plum and some sliced pineapple.

I ended up mixing it all together and adding some more cold almond milk- it was a cold hot cereal!

I came home for lunch and made an awesome plate: A turkey, salami, lettuce, and goat cheese sandwich on Ezekial bread with a side of carrots, celery, and a few natural corn chips.

I love making lunch at home. I get to add so many fresh veggies to my plate! This sandwich was awesome, too. I spread lots of honey mustard on it.

I definitely went back for a few more chips, too… Not gonna lie. One of the downsides of eating lunch at home: the pantry is right there!

Snacks yesterday included a chocolate PURE bar, which was soooo good. All natural, vegan- and tastes JUST like a brownie.

And another clementine!

I worked from 5-9 and then Loren and I met up to go to a concert. His best friend from home is in an awesome band called The Shaky Hands. They have just finished touring for 2 months in Europe and are now doing a 2 week tour in the US, heading back to Portland (OR) where they are based.

Before the show, we wanted to grab something quick, so we stopped at a little Mexican place in the hood where you get your food in 5 minutes! I ordered bean and chicken enchiladas in a verde sauce. They came with guacamole and sour cream on top and rice and beans on the side.

It was sooo good! I ate it all, except for the rice- passed that onto Loren. The verde sauce was the star: very flavorful, very spicy!

The concert was great! I love these guys and always enjoy seeing them play every time they come to NYC.  They are very talented and put on a great show with lots of good energy!

We got home way too late for a weeknight, but, oh well- it was worth it. And its good to break up the routine every once in a while.

Now, back to it! Have a wonderful day!

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