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Hi guys,

Im going to start putting together a series every so often on “Things I’m Loving (Right Now)”- just things I am into at the moment, from food to books, to soaps, dog toys, etc. Anything and everything making my life better- and things you guys might be into as well.

So this Months List Includes the Following:

  • Dr. Bronner’s Miracle Soap in Lavender. It really does clean everything! I use it to clean out my tub, and then in my tub for a really relaxing soak. Lavender is the most calming sent to me.
  • Galaxy Granola. I was sent a few free samples a month ago and it is amazing! All natural, no added sugars, flavor baked in. It is super crunchy and has great flavor. My favorite was the Raspberry Granola with real pieces of dried raspberries in it. Yum! Try over cottage cheese for a great snack.
  • Little Bee, by Chris Cleave. A great read that really pulls you in from the first page about a refugee from Nigeria and an Englishwoman whose lives intersect. I’m really enjoying it- but its keeping me up every night!
  • The Good Fork Pork Dumplings, and the fact that they are now sold at a booth at the Brooklyn Flea every Saturday in Fort Greene. Hands down the BEST dumplings I have ever had- so juicy with amazing flavor, and this incredible sauce on top. I almost peed myself with happiness when I saw them at the Flea.
  • Pilates. I’m so into it right now! Its changing my whole body- strength, tone, flexibility, and helps you breathe better. Find a small group class near you with reformers (the machines) and go! You will love it- just shop around for a good, knowledgeable teacher. And start with a Beginner’s Class.
  • The Highline. I visited this Manhattan development this weekend for the first time- it was incredible. So cool! Old train tracks now covered in an amazing boardwalk type thing with seating, foot pools, and incredible gardens. Eventually it will run from downtown to mid-town. You must visit it when you are in NYC.

Hope that gives you all some inspiration/ ideas for the month. Feel free to add your own- I love hearing from you. 🙂


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Good morning!

Firstly: thank you all soooo much for all of your supportive and helpful comments in response to yesterday’s post. You guys gave me great ideas to combat feeling down during winter, from exercising more and spending time outside, to wearing a cute outfit and primping a bit more (never thought of it!), to drinking more delicious teas, lighting “winter scented” candles, and a lot more. THANK YOU! These are the times when I am so happy I have this blog and so grateful to have so many awesome and supportive readers/ friends in the blogosphere. Especially friends who are experts in getting through the winter!

Anyway, off of my heart-felt rant, onto food!

Last night, Loren and I went to dinner for my friend Ana’s birthday. We were supposed to go to Casuella, a cheese/ wine bar in Midtown West, but the service was really snotty and they basically told us they “couldn’t seat tables over 4 for the night”… Confusing. SO, we got on our phones and started searching for places nearby. None of us felt like walking much because it was soooo cold- and luckily we found a pretty good place nearby. We went to Uncle Nick’s, a Greek restaurant with lots of room for all of us. It had a relaxed, cozy vibe and an open kitchen. It smelled great- always a good sign!

We decided to just share a bunch of appetizers and big plates. We started out with a huge Greek Salad and a Mezze Plate with 4 different dips: tzatziki, a salmon roe spread, an eggplant spread, and a potato garlic spread. They also brought a ton of delicious pita bread to the table.

I had a lot more salad but tried not to overdo it on the bread. I had 3 pita slices with the apps and decided to hold off for the big plates to come to have more. We ordered a whole grilled fish, chicken kabobs, and a big Gyro Plate.

I had bites of each, but the Gyro (made of beef and lamb I think) was definitely the best- so flavorful!

The fish:

And the chicken (really juicy and full of flavor but I was too full by this point so I only had 1 bite):

It was a nice meal- Uncle Nick’s is definitely a place I would recommend for casual group dining in that area. I was also happy that I paced myself throughout the meal and didn’t overeat, which I can sometime do when I split a lot of plates. I didn’t drink any alcohol with dinner and I think that helped a lot to keep my willpower in check!

Now off to enjoy the weekend and the cold BUT SUNNY 🙂 day. Thank you all again for your amazing tips on braving the cold and facing wintertime with a smile!

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