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Hi guys! While I certainly haven’t been posting as much as usual, I have been taking pictures of some of my most delicious eats over the last week or so. There’s been some great meals! So let me share…


We’ve been low on groceries, I’ve tried to keep cooking…

First up, a simple and delicious meal: A tomato and cucumber salad with a warm tuna melt.

I just made the tuna salad, scooped it on some bread, topped it with some shredded Gouda and toasted it up! This is a Loren/ Kat favorite. And the cats always want some, too!

One night, when we were very low on groceries, I was proud of myself for putting together a healthy, veggie-filled meal from the pantry and my freezer. I combined some frozen chopped spinach with a big can of Trader Joe’s tomato sauce and some chickpeas. I just made some whole wheat angel hair pasta (the best kind of whole wheat pasta because it has a nice texture) and topped it with the sauce. I also made a green salad on the side.


If you don’t like the texture of whole wheat pasta, and therefore don’t eat it, I highly recommend you try angel hair whole-wheat. You can find it at any grocery store.

But my favorite dinner that I’ve cooked in the last week was definitely wild salmon- baked in aluminum foil in covered with a sauce of olive oil, lemon, capers, and dijon grain mustard. In the oven for 22 minutes at 400.

And voilà, the best salmon EVER. And I cooked up some really easy veggies to have on the side: corn and haricot verts (fancy word for skinny string beans). They were so easy because I could just boil both vegetables (at different times) in the same pot.

And there you have it- a 20 minute meal. ūüôā


These are some of my favorite breakfast as of late…

Apple/banana oatmeal.  I added half a chopped green apple and half a sliced banana to the oatmeal and let it all cook together for about seven minutes. I added lots of cinnamon and some maple syrup as well.

Then there was the “waffles benedict”- Yogurt, apple, apricot jam, and PB on whole wheat waffles!

SOOO good!

A simple sunny side up egg on toast. Little bit of cream cheese. Lots of hot sauce!

And my favorite breakie of all: today’s! Scooped out FRESH whole wheat-everything bagel with a little bit of chive cream cheese, capers, sliced tomato, and lox (smoked salmon).

Yes, I am a Jewish girl at heart. This is my people’s food! I’ve gotta love it- its in my blood. ūüėČ

And that’s about it for the greatest as of late. I promise to try to post more regularly- please bare with me!

Today I am actually attempting a double workout- lets see how that goes. I swam for 30 minutes this morning and I am heading to a Novice/ Open pilates class. I’m excited- I really want to get into Pilates- seems so good for toning, stretching, and strengthening the body. And I found a great-looking studio right down the street! Love Brooklyn.


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Yesterday was, in my eyes, the first true day of winter here in NYC. It was coooold!

I woke up and headed straight to the gym. I did the elliptical for 30/ 35 minutes and some ab/ strengthening work on the mat. Felt strong!

I made a breakfast bowl when I got back which¬†starred the¬†Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread that I baked on Sunday night. It was so easy (just add eggs, oil, water) and sooooo good! I mixed the pumpkin bread with some cottage cheese, half a banana, and some blueberries. Deeeelish!

I also packed lunch and snacks for the day: spinach salad with shredded carrots, salami, and olives; a string cheese; the last of some brown rice chips; 2 clementines; and the other half on my banana from breakfast.

I also had a skim unsweetened Hot Chocolate (made from real cocoa) on the walk home from work.

I was very proud of myself for the spontaneously creative dinner I came up with last night. I saw butternut squash in the fridge (pre-sliced from the produce shop I go to), and knew I wanted to make something centered around it.

I¬†marinated/ covered¬†the squash in a mix of clementine juice (didn’t have oranges- same thing!), maple syrup, olive oil, black pepper, and lots of cinnamon. After 45 minutes at 400 degrees, the squash was ready. When it came out of the oven, I sliced it up into even smaller pieces.

Then, I put some Angel Hair pasta into a bowl of boiling water for 3 minutes. While the pasta cooked, I saut√©ed garbanzo beans with the squash in a little more maple syrup and olive oil. At the very end, I added some Cranberry Goat Cheese from TJ’s (—-> SOOOO GOOD!) and, finally,¬†the pasta. Mixed it all up and…¬†Voila!

I was very impressed with myself. ūüôā I liked that it had a light sweet flavor, but not too sweet like “sweet pastas” can sometimes be in restaurants. I think that is because I didn’t use too much maple syrup, and flavored it with plenty of salt and pepper. The cranberry goat cheese also gave it a nice, tangy flavor.

I also made a quick tomato, onion, and cucumber salad to go with.

My portion of pasta (I definitely went back for more!).

I made a TON so there will definitely be leftovers making an appearance in the days to come!

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Morning, blog world!

Yesterday I felt great all day. Those 9 hours were like magic! I also felt really good taking a break from exercise. I usually feel worse on my “break days” just because I feel a bit groggy and out of it all day, but I didn’t at all yesterday.¬†I guess I needed the day off!

For breakie¬†yesterday, I made one of my all time favorites: a good ol’ breakfast burrito.


Nothing¬† fancy here, just scrambled eggs (1 egg, 1 white), a mashed quarter of an avocado, and whole wheat TJ’s tortilla. With lots of salsa and hot sauce.¬† And a mug of Chai Tea with almond milk, of course.


It hit the spot! As much as I love oats, I think that savory breakfasts will always have the #1 spot in my heart. Sorry, oats.

I snapped some photos of lunch + snacks before leaving the house. I think I like this trend. Much easier for me not to carry my camera¬†to work (its bigger than a pocket camera, weighs about 4-5 lbs… just guessin). Anyhow, lunch was simple and delicious!

IMG_8956A humus¬†and¬†avocado sandwich on Quinoa bread. I ate 1/2 the yellow¬†pepper with lunch and 1/2 as a snack. I also munched on the grapes and strawberries throughout the day. Didn’t get to the carrots, but I’m sure I will sometime this week!


Post-work, I met my sister,¬†Elizabeth,¬†for dinner in Manhattan. She wanted to take me out to celebrate the Secret-Very-Good News that I can’t share yet with you guys (Sorry! I wish I could… use your imaginations :)… remember: I am not trying to be a food writer or write a cook book. I am trying to do something else…).

It was great to see her and catch up. While we both live in NYC, she lives on the Upper West Side and I live in Brooklyn…. that’s like two far away lands in NYC terminology. Not really, but it’s about an hour on the subway. We are both really busy, so its hard to meet up. Well, she took me out to a great Italian place called Dell’anima in the West Village.

It was yummy! We both had a glass of Merlot. They gave me kind of a small pour (maybe 4 oz.?) but that was fine by me- it was the perfect amount to feel relaxed and cozy. The restaurant had a great ambiance, with an open kitchen and dark wood floors and tables. Sometimes restaurants with open kitchens can get really hot, but they had the door open, so a nice, cool breeze came through the restaurant.

And the food was great!

We started out with some bread and bruschette, or dips. One was avocado¬†and EVOO, one was a scrambled egg kind of mixture, and one was a walnut pesto. The pesto was a little bitter for my taste, but I loved the others. I had 2 small pieces of bread and dip. Didn’t want to spoil my appetite!


(It was very dark, so I had to use flash).

We split an Endive salad that had a light anchovy dressing and pecorino cheese. It was lovely to eat!


And for our entrees, we couldn’t resist the pastas. They are all made in-house…. who can say no to that? Not pasta lovers like us! I think its in our DNA- we both loooove anything that includes carbs + cheese. I think we would both say that, hands down, pasta and pizza are our favorite foods.

I ordered the Garganelli with mushrooms, lemon, and EVOO. It was excellent!


Came with lots of Pecorino shredded on top! What I loved about this dish was that the mushroom:pasta ratio was about equal, so I didn’t feel that I was eating straight up carbs. There was a blend of three meaty mushrooms mixed with the homemade pasta, and it was all perfectly cooked. The pasta was incredible- thin, light,¬†and not starchy at all.

My sistered ordered a pasta dish with egg, ham, and pecorino. You can see it back there. She shared a bite and it was delicious!


We both left feeling satisfied and happy, but not overstuffed. It was the perfect meal! Thanks, Eliza!

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