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Good morning! Thanks for all of your well-wishes about my wrist–it’s not feeling all that better but I am going to see a PT today who specializes in hand and wrist–so here’s to hoping! Loren, being the kind boyfriend that he is (editor’s note: she really said this, I didn’t make it up!) actually helped me type up this post last night.

Alright, back back to the important stuff: FOOD!! I started yesterday with a 35 min bike at the gym. When I got home, I was looking for something filling but light to refuel. We don’t have a lot of groceries right now, and since we are heading out of town on Saturday, I’m trying to consume what we have (Anyone have any great recipes for brussel sprouts, tofu, and orange juice?!?). I decided to throw together a bowl of staples: some TJ’s raisin bran cereal, trail mix, dried cranberries, a scoop of peanut butter, and some almond milk.

Not as much fruit as I normally like, but the dried grapes and cranberries count, right?

While making breakfast, I also threw together a few things for lunch that needed to be eaten: A TJ’s Indian channa masala, a string cheese, a whole wheat wrap, and some celery.

I was going to have the apple for snack, but I ended up coming home  a little early, so I made a snack at home. It looked a lot like breakfast!

A bowl of TJ’s lowfat raspberry yogurt with a sprinkle of raisin bran, dried cranberries, and a few chocolate chips.

Dinner was a random mix of foods (what was left in my fridge). I made a “pizza” using the last piece of garlic nan, topped with marinara sauce, goat and feta cheese, and some banana peppers.


I also had an apple, a handful of wasabi peas, and some pistachios (unpictured).

And lots of tea.

Simple dinner=easy clean up.

P.S. Look at what I picked up at the bookstore this weekend!

I can’t wait to read it! It includes lots of vignettes and short stories from all sorts of food writing from 2009. I’m currently reading “Push” by Sapphire (I wanted to read it before I saw the movie “Precious”), so I think the food book will be a happy pick-me-up after a depressing but important read.

Have a great day!


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Good morning!

Yesterday was a day full of family, food, and exploring NYC. My family first sat down for a big breakfast, but I wasn’t in the mood for a lot of food, so I just had a croissant off of a big bread plate.

I love croissants! I rarely have them (high fat, low staying power) but today was an exception to the rule. I also had a clementine- for some vitamins, of course. ūüôā

We then headed down to the Lower East Side to see my half-sister’s new gallery space that is currently under construction. It was very exciting!

It is going to be really nice when it is finished! After we saw the space, we walked around the neighborhood. The Lower East Side is a really interesting mix of old tenements and factories (industrial spaces), Chinatown, gentrification (cool, hip young people), and old Jewish establishments.

It was a cooooold, windy day out, but obviously I had my camera out and was snapping photos as we walked.

Then, we headed to Katz’s Deli! Katz’s has been around since my parents were little, serving up everything you would want to find in a Jewish Deli. I actually have never been to Katz’s (gasp) but I have walked by a million times and wanted to try it. Yesterday was the day!

It was a bit of a madhouse inside and impossible, at first, to figure out how to find a table. When we finally got settled in, the waiter brought lots of pickles to our table. I was happy!

I wasn’t in the mood for a super meaty sandwich (my sisters got Pastrami and Corn Beef) so I went for a nice, juicy hot dog topped with sauerkraut and a side of cole¬†slaw.

I also had a hot chocolate to drink (weird combo- I know- but it was cold outside!). The hot dog was amaaaazing- really flavorful and juicy. The cole slaw I could have done without- it was way too mayonnaisey and too sweet for me. I had a couple of bites and shared it.

I love lots of condiments on my hot dog- but not too much that they overpower the dog. It’s a science, really.

My family wanted to show off their food, as well, on the blog. My nephew ordered some beef chili which he said was really gross. My brother-in-law (pictured) tried it as well and concurred!

My sister ordered a Reuben with Corn Beef. We tried bites but agreed it was too fatty without enough flavor.

My dad and brother-in-law ordered knishes (mashed potato wrapped in a thin dough)- a very typical Jewish food. I had never had one but my dad has always talked about how he ate them constantly throughout his childhood. I had a bite and liked it! I took a picture but it got totally messed up! :(. I think I need a new memory card- funky things are happening.

We took the subway back uptown…

And I had a green apple before heading to the gym.

I did 45 minutes of cardio- the elliptical and the bike- because I needed to move!

We ordered in dinner and I tried to keep it very light. I really wasn’t in the mood for much. I had a salad with carrots, hears of palm, and corn.

And one slice of thin-crust veggie pizza. It was just veggies and tomato sauce- no cheese. And it was actually just fine without it!

I also had a little bit of spinach on the side.

I was very proud of myself for just sticking to what I had ordered. When my family orders takeout, they order WAY too much food and everyone tends to overeat. While I had 2 bites of someone else’s chicken dish, I promised myself to just eat what I had ordered and nothing more. So I didn’t feel ill or too full after the meal. I actually had room for dessert- fruit!

I love pineapple! Had a bunch of it.

Now off to enjoy a sunny day! It’s cold out but beautiful. I will be back later with a recap. Hope you all are enjoying the weekend!

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So yesterday I definitely fell off the health wagon. Fell off hard. But, after freaking out a bit this morning by stupidly stepping on the scale (when I was retaining lots of water for lots of reasons!) I realize that today is a new day, and all I can do from this point on is eat as healthily as possible.

The day started off in a very healthy fashion:

I made a smoothie for breakfast starring a pack of Micro Greens I found in the pantry.



I added the greens to a mixture of frozen mango, blueberries, and strawberries. It was delish- I couldn’t taste the green mix at all!

IMG_8899My stomach was grumbling a few hours later, so I had a Bare Naked Fruit & Nut bar.

IMG_8900I wasn’t very hungry for lunch, so I went across the street to a dumpling place that gave you 5 dumplings for $3.50. Not bad! I ordered the lentil/ vegetable dumplings. They were really good but a bit oily for my taste.


But I really liked the lentil/ veggie mixture inside- very creative!

IMG_8904I didn’t have anything else with me for the day (I need to start packing lunch again) so I was staaarving when I got home. I quickly made myself a bowl of veggies with a little bit of blue cheese dressing (my downfall).

IMG_8905And then…. Well, then, Loren and I went out to Grimaldi’s for our favorite pizza in the whole world. It is seriously AMAZING.

Loren was happy!

After waiting in the cold for 30 minutes in line, drinking a glass of red wine, and not eating enough all day, lets just say I lost all willpower. It was bad.

IMG_8907I had way too many of these…

IMG_8912Let’s not talk numbers here.

It was soooo good, and I didn’t even feel that bad when I was eating. But by the time we got home, we both felt sickly full- and I definitely felt the indigestion come on.

When I woke up this morning, as I said, I made the huge mistake of weighing myself (I guess to see the damage or something?). Of course, after wine, a lot of salt, and my period, I am retaining a lot of water and it was not the smartest thing to do. I had a major freakout when I saw the number on the scale (understandably) up a bit. Poor Loren is all I can say…

After an hour of cardio sculpt at the gym and a homemade smoothie, I feel much better and I have a lot more clarity on things. I know that:

a) I am never going to look like  a supermodel. And I am never going to weigh 120 pounds. At 5 foot 8 with a very large frame, I need to stop focusing so much on numbers. I need to focus on the way I look and my health. I have lost weight in the last few months, but not as much as I would have liked. But I know I have put on a ton of muscle. My body is definitely much more toned and my clothes fit very differently.

b) If I want to eat a bit of everything instead of poached fish and steamed veggies all day, I need to accept my body for what it is, while continuing to exercise and eat in moderation. The moderation part is what I lacked a bit last night, but, you know what? Everyone falls of the band-wagon. You just have to pick yourself back up!

I am going to do MY BEST to eat cleanly this weekend and this coming week and exercise regularly; but with two meals out tomorrow (because I am seeing friends) it won’t be that easy. Again, I will do MY BEST because that’s all I can do.

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