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Hi guys!

Miss me? I took a much-needed break from the blog after realizing on my trip how glued I have been to the computer in my daily life. After lots of delays and snowstorms, we got back to New York on Sunday morning and I’ve taken a few days to think about where I want to go with the blog. I definitely missed writing and communicating with all of you — especially getting comments and feedback. But I didn’t miss the pressure of taking pictures and posting about every single meal. I think I’ve known this for a while, and I have hinted at it, but posting that way wasn’t working well for me- I don’t want this to be a diet blog — I never have. I want this to be a non-obsessive, happy, and positive celebration of food and health. So I think I’m going to begin posting differently…

I will post about a  great meal I have out or cook at home, an article that I read about women’s health, a fresh market that I visit, and so on. The idea of posting every day, three meals a day just isn’t appealing for me anymore. I really enjoyed my vacation. I tried to stay active by walking a lot and swimming where I could, but we definitely all ate a lot of delicious food and we all gained a pound or two.

Being away from the blog helped me realize how much pressure put on myself to eat perfectly and stay at a “perfect”  weight… and it just doesn’t always happen. That’s life. So, in trying to do what’s best for me and become my healthiest self, I want to continue writing and being a part of this blog world that I love so much but without the kind of pressure that is unhealthy for me (I don’t judge anyone else who  wants to post things in a different way…). I hope you guys will keep reading because I so enjoy communicating with you about one of my favorite topics: food!

Argentina was an amazing country to visit and I had so much fun with my family eating delicious food, hiking in the mountains, exploring the city, and drinking lots of delicious red wine! Here are some highlights of the trip:


We visited produce markets in Buenos Aires,

And bought lots of good fruit for snacks.

There was delicious smoked salmon everywhere!

And very hearty bread…

lots of fresh vegetables and great salami and cured meat

And amazing, soft, flavorful cheese.

The hearts of palm were incredible — have you ever seen one so big?! (it’s that big white thing on the plate)

Our hotel had delicious homemade yogurt and museli for breakfast… with lots of fresh fruit!

The coffee was really good — I’m told — I don’t touch the stuff!

Argentina is famous for its awesome Italian food — and it definitely lived up to expectations!

Mmmm… Eggplant Parmesan!

We even had delicious sushi and Japanese food in Buenos Aires, which I  guest-posted about on Karin’s blog. I was impressed!

Seaweed salad,

Miso Salmon with veggies,

And a free dessert (some kind of custard)!

All in a very chic, simple, and beautiful Japanese restaurant.

The desert that we had for Christmas Eve dinner with the best thing I have ever tasted!

It was heaven: a thin crusted tart with vanilla custard, fresh blackberries, a raspberry purée, and vanilla ice cream. With a crunchy slice of apple on top.

Of course, yours truly found a juice bar with vegetarian wraps in Buenos Aires. Who knew? They were filled with humus and quinoa tabbouleh. Our vegetable juices were a crazy concoction made up of carrot juice and coconut milk. It was actually really good!

Of course, I also had plenty of good wine! This one was so spectacular that I had to take a picture.

Not only was it an amazing country to eat our way through, it was stunningly beautiful…

Lakes, mountains, and forests!

The city was also gorgeous…

As all tourists have to do, we saw an incredible tango show

It was steamy!

As usual, Loren and I were total dorks and went swimming everywhere we could.  Don’t we look good? HAha.

It was a truly incredible trip and I had the time of my life.

Thank you, mom and dad for an incredible trip filled with beautiful moments that I will never forget!

And I will see you guys later for some (American) food recaps this week! Hope your holiday vacation was relaxing, fun, and, of course, DELISH!


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Morning, guys!

My wrist is actually really bugging me this morning, so I need to lay off the typing today—> which means laying off the blogging. But I can’t stay away! (Don’t tell my mom!).

Due to wrist injury, I will make the thesis of this post quick and simple: I found a new favorite brunch spot yesterday in Brooklyn. I went out yet again to meet a friend at Vinegar Hill House, a restaurant that my little sister actually told me about. She visited a friend in BK a while back who took her there and she loved it. Well, I did too!

I mean, who wouldn’t love this plate of perfection?

That would be poached eggs over  fava bean puree, topped with cucumber, onion, and olive salad, with 2 small slices of toasted focaccia-type bread on the side. I also had half a grapefruit on the side.

It was sooooo good! The eggs were cooked perfectly and the fava bean puree added a creamy richness to the dish. I love that it was rich and satisfying but dairy free- Loren could eat it! Everything else on the menu looked amazing- as did my friend’s beans on toast. I can’t wait to go back and try more dishes!

Happy Monday… have a great start to the week!

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Good Evening! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends. It was a cold and rainy one over here, but I still managed to have some much-needed fun. The weekend also included a lot of dining out.

Yesterday began with a home-made breakfast, made with love by Loren. We used the TJ’s pumpkin pancake mix and added fresh blueberries to the mix. I even added some dark chocolate chips to some!! I topped my pancakes with cottage cheese and some home made apple butter sent to me by my close friends Billy and Sheryl (thanks Cheryl!)

They were delicious. The apple butter was awesome-tasted just like apple sauce but with a bit more cinnamon and spices.

And I took lots of pics!

Later in the day, I went into the city and met my sister for lunch and a play. We didn’t have a lot of time for lunch so we stopped at a cute little bar & grill called Acme. I was in the mood for salad, and the waiter told us that salads would be quick, so I ordered the blackened chicken salad with cajun ranch dressing on the side.

It was excellent! The chicken had lots of great smokey, spicy flavor and the dressing was really tasty, though I didn’t need much of it.

It was REALLY filling and I couldn’t finish-lots of protein!

After the play we walked a lot through the veeerrry cold streets of NY. We parted ways and I headed to Starbucks to kill some time while I was waiting to have yet another meal out with Loren and my other sister, Elizabeth.

I had a chamomile tea and small piece of dark chocolate-warmed me right up!

The three of us met at Blue Ribbon Sushi in SoHo for dinner. Blue Ribbon is known for having fresh, delicious sushi and it did not disappoint. I started off with the house salad with ginger dressing and was immediately impressed-it was one of the best salads I have had at a Japanese restaurant; the dressing was light was extremely flavorful and the salad was topped with lots of scallions and avocado.

We all split a bowl of edamame.

I ordered a spicy tuna roll with tempura flakes and a shrimp tempura roll. Both rolls were amazing and super fresh tasting. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

I had three pieces of each roll and gave the rest to Loren (he’s happy that I’m watching my portions-he definitely benefits!)

It was a really great night- and I felt really good about my choices in a day full of dining out.

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Good morning!

Firstly: thank you all soooo much for all of your supportive and helpful comments in response to yesterday’s post. You guys gave me great ideas to combat feeling down during winter, from exercising more and spending time outside, to wearing a cute outfit and primping a bit more (never thought of it!), to drinking more delicious teas, lighting “winter scented” candles, and a lot more. THANK YOU! These are the times when I am so happy I have this blog and so grateful to have so many awesome and supportive readers/ friends in the blogosphere. Especially friends who are experts in getting through the winter!

Anyway, off of my heart-felt rant, onto food!

Last night, Loren and I went to dinner for my friend Ana’s birthday. We were supposed to go to Casuella, a cheese/ wine bar in Midtown West, but the service was really snotty and they basically told us they “couldn’t seat tables over 4 for the night”… Confusing. SO, we got on our phones and started searching for places nearby. None of us felt like walking much because it was soooo cold- and luckily we found a pretty good place nearby. We went to Uncle Nick’s, a Greek restaurant with lots of room for all of us. It had a relaxed, cozy vibe and an open kitchen. It smelled great- always a good sign!

We decided to just share a bunch of appetizers and big plates. We started out with a huge Greek Salad and a Mezze Plate with 4 different dips: tzatziki, a salmon roe spread, an eggplant spread, and a potato garlic spread. They also brought a ton of delicious pita bread to the table.

I had a lot more salad but tried not to overdo it on the bread. I had 3 pita slices with the apps and decided to hold off for the big plates to come to have more. We ordered a whole grilled fish, chicken kabobs, and a big Gyro Plate.

I had bites of each, but the Gyro (made of beef and lamb I think) was definitely the best- so flavorful!

The fish:

And the chicken (really juicy and full of flavor but I was too full by this point so I only had 1 bite):

It was a nice meal- Uncle Nick’s is definitely a place I would recommend for casual group dining in that area. I was also happy that I paced myself throughout the meal and didn’t overeat, which I can sometime do when I split a lot of plates. I didn’t drink any alcohol with dinner and I think that helped a lot to keep my willpower in check!

Now off to enjoy the weekend and the cold BUT SUNNY 🙂 day. Thank you all again for your amazing tips on braving the cold and facing wintertime with a smile!

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Good morning! So nice that it’s still the weekend… I feel like its lasting forever- and I like that! I am definitely not ready to go back to work tomorrow…

Yesterday was another fun day with the fam. We woke up and had breakfast together. I had a scooped out whole wheat bagel with smoked salmon.

I just use a bit of cream cheese and lots of capers, onions, and smoked salmon.

After breakfast, Loren and I took a long walk (a little break from the fam) in the sun. He bought a nice winter jacket, too! I restrained myself from shopping, somehow! (OK, I didn’t see anything I liked 😉 ).

At 2 pm, we all went to see Superior Donuts, a play now on Broadway. It was fantastic- I highly recommend it to anyone visiting NYC (or living here). Very well acted, very well written. At the play, I had a handful of mixed M & M’s….

And a granola bar.

(Loren was my hand model).  When we got back to my parents hotel, I munched on some fruit that was in their fridge.

I ate a bunch of melon and pineapple.

Then we all headed out to Academia DeVino, a restaurant on the Upper East Side, for dinner. It was good- not great. But it was nice to have a big table for all of us to eat at in a kind of private space.

I ordered a Ceasar Salad, which was just OK. I didn’t eat any of the croutons, and munched on some of Loren’s vegetables- portabello mushrooms and beets.

For my entre, I ordered a grilled flat bread pizza with Soppressata (a kind of Italian sausage), red pepper sauce, and cheese.

It was good- the crust was nice and thin- but it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. I had 3 slices and passed it on to the fam. I also had one slice of my sister’s plain pizza.

All in all, it was a pretty good day of eating. I was happy that I practiced portion control and was able to eat some of the things that I love. 🙂 It’s not what you eat… it’s how much!

I woke up this morning and headed straight to the gym and felt great breaking a sweat. Now, off to one final brunch with the family! See you later!

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Helloooo! Long time no see!

We had a whirlwind weekend in Chicago full of great food, lots of walks, museum visits, comedy shows, and even some law school visits. There is sooo much to write about, so I think I might just let the pictures from the weekend speak for themselves.

Weirdly, we ate only two meals a day in Chicago, mostly because we would eat big breakfasts/ brunch and then just walk the city for the day. Before we knew it, it was dark and time for dinner. We swam each morning in the hotel’s pool for about 30 minutes, so we got plenty of great exercise.

Anyhow, let the photo tour begin!

Breakfast at Tempo’s (HUGE greek frittata)

What was left of mine (didn’t eat the potatoes):

What was left of Loren’s (!!!):

Me happy after lots of food!

Saturday was a GORGEOUS day so we walked the city…

We hit up Millenium Park…. how cool is this stage??

There was such a smart design- the speakers are spread out over the lawn behind the stage.

The incredible Art Institute is right in the park.

The entrance is awesome…

And the Impressionist Collection is the most incredible group of paintings I have ever seen in my life! I was in heaven.

So many Monets!

I also saw one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings of all time.

And this incredible painting by George Seurat…

And this incredible Edward Hopper…

Then, we walked down by lake Michigan- such a pretty lakefront. There were tons of people out biking, running, and walking.

Dinner on Saturday was a turkey pastrami sammie from a deli… long story… it was a long day!

So, Sunday, we were huuuungry for a big brunch. We met Loren’s best friend from home for brunch at Cafe Lula in Logan Square.

I ordered the breakfast burrito. It was filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, avocado, tomato, and potatoes… and it was AWESOME!

It was HUGE. I ate half and then ate the scrambled eggs out of the other half. Yum!

Josh took us on a long walk through some great Chicago neighborhoods in Wicker Park to show us the crazy, cool architecture.

We passed by the cutest bakery (but we didn’t go in!).

We took the train down to the South Side of Chicago and saw a meditation circle in the middle of the station! Obviously, I took a picture…

In the South Side, we toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House. I love his designs, so it was amazing to see one in-person.

We headed back to the North Side for a comedy show at Second City and a quick dinner at a Middle Eastern place beforehand. I got a greek salad and some Labne (yogurt) on the side. It was delish, but it REEEEALLY made my stomach hurt afterwards (no more details will be given here).

The Second City Show was hilarious! Some of the best comedy I have ever seen. It really did live up to its name, so if you are in town, I suggest you pay it a visit!

Doesn’t Loren look cute with his new glasses? (He needs them to see distances).

Monday morning, we had amaaazing room service in our hotel.

I ordered Eggs Benedict, but just ate the poached eggs and bread- no ham or potatoes for me. My stomach was still feeling a bit off. But it didn’t go to waste- Loren ate it all plus his own!

We also shared a beautiful fruit plate.

On the way to the airport/ before the flight home, I had a baked potato with fixins (not pictured— too rushed) and a fruit smoothie.

And (phew!) 40 pictures later, that was our weekend!

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Morning, blog world!

Yesterday I felt great all day. Those 9 hours were like magic! I also felt really good taking a break from exercise. I usually feel worse on my “break days” just because I feel a bit groggy and out of it all day, but I didn’t at all yesterday. I guess I needed the day off!

For breakie yesterday, I made one of my all time favorites: a good ol’ breakfast burrito.


Nothing  fancy here, just scrambled eggs (1 egg, 1 white), a mashed quarter of an avocado, and whole wheat TJ’s tortilla. With lots of salsa and hot sauce.  And a mug of Chai Tea with almond milk, of course.


It hit the spot! As much as I love oats, I think that savory breakfasts will always have the #1 spot in my heart. Sorry, oats.

I snapped some photos of lunch + snacks before leaving the house. I think I like this trend. Much easier for me not to carry my camera to work (its bigger than a pocket camera, weighs about 4-5 lbs… just guessin). Anyhow, lunch was simple and delicious!

IMG_8956A humus and avocado sandwich on Quinoa bread. I ate 1/2 the yellow pepper with lunch and 1/2 as a snack. I also munched on the grapes and strawberries throughout the day. Didn’t get to the carrots, but I’m sure I will sometime this week!


Post-work, I met my sister, Elizabeth, for dinner in Manhattan. She wanted to take me out to celebrate the Secret-Very-Good News that I can’t share yet with you guys (Sorry! I wish I could… use your imaginations :)… remember: I am not trying to be a food writer or write a cook book. I am trying to do something else…).

It was great to see her and catch up. While we both live in NYC, she lives on the Upper West Side and I live in Brooklyn…. that’s like two far away lands in NYC terminology. Not really, but it’s about an hour on the subway. We are both really busy, so its hard to meet up. Well, she took me out to a great Italian place called Dell’anima in the West Village.

It was yummy! We both had a glass of Merlot. They gave me kind of a small pour (maybe 4 oz.?) but that was fine by me- it was the perfect amount to feel relaxed and cozy. The restaurant had a great ambiance, with an open kitchen and dark wood floors and tables. Sometimes restaurants with open kitchens can get really hot, but they had the door open, so a nice, cool breeze came through the restaurant.

And the food was great!

We started out with some bread and bruschette, or dips. One was avocado and EVOO, one was a scrambled egg kind of mixture, and one was a walnut pesto. The pesto was a little bitter for my taste, but I loved the others. I had 2 small pieces of bread and dip. Didn’t want to spoil my appetite!


(It was very dark, so I had to use flash).

We split an Endive salad that had a light anchovy dressing and pecorino cheese. It was lovely to eat!


And for our entrees, we couldn’t resist the pastas. They are all made in-house…. who can say no to that? Not pasta lovers like us! I think its in our DNA- we both loooove anything that includes carbs + cheese. I think we would both say that, hands down, pasta and pizza are our favorite foods.

I ordered the Garganelli with mushrooms, lemon, and EVOO. It was excellent!


Came with lots of Pecorino shredded on top! What I loved about this dish was that the mushroom:pasta ratio was about equal, so I didn’t feel that I was eating straight up carbs. There was a blend of three meaty mushrooms mixed with the homemade pasta, and it was all perfectly cooked. The pasta was incredible- thin, light, and not starchy at all.

My sistered ordered a pasta dish with egg, ham, and pecorino. You can see it back there. She shared a bite and it was delicious!


We both left feeling satisfied and happy, but not overstuffed. It was the perfect meal! Thanks, Eliza!

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