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Well, things have been pretty normal ’round here, and I’ve been getting my fruits and veggies- or trying to. And probably too many doses of chocolate, but of course, those go undocumented!

Here are some of my latest culinary creations:

A big ol’ veggie sandwich… (basically an excuse to buy this really good mayo I bought the other day)…


With lots of crunchy fruits and veggies on the side…

A yummy wrap for lunch with hummus, baba, and lots of fresh veggies…

YUM #2!

A lovely bowl of cereal with fresh fruit,

And black beans + sweet potato tacos, with a side of “okra fries”.

This was the first time  I’ve made the “fries”, and they were delish! Spiced them and popped ’em in the oven at 400 for about 30 minutes.

Mmmmm, tacos!

Oh, yeah, and a dog!

Not to eat, of course, but to play with. We took the plunge and adopted a dog (i.e. I have been begging for a dog for 2 + years and on my birthday, Loren finally conceded to the inevitable) who I can partially blame for falling of the face of the blogosphere, because she is just too cute/ demands all my attention/ loves to cuddle/ needs lots of walks/ jumps on trees at the dog park and tries to destroy them/ my cats hate her so I have to spend my time breaking up potential dog/ cat fights.

Her name is Sya and I am in love. 🙂

That is all for now- we will be back! 🙂


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Morning and Happy Friday!

Thanks to all of you who left me some great ideas for Thanksgiving dessert yesterday. I have so many great ideas now!

Yesterday I hit the gym for 40 minutes on the bike, some ab work, and a quick stretch. Unfortunately, my right knee started bothering me during the day and got a bit swollen by last night, so today will a day of icing, arnicha, and resting. I get so frustrated with my knees (the tissue around the knee cap gets very swollen very easily) but maybe I should be wearing knee braces when I go to the gym… I used to wear them when I ran, but I figured I didn’t need them on the bike and the elliptical. But because I exercise do frequently, my knees are probably getting too much wear and tear. SO, knee braces, here I come!

I wasn’t very hungry for breakfast, so I just wanted something light. I had a bowl of TJ’s Raisin Bran mixed with Pumpkin Granola. I added half a slice banana and some sliced strawberries.

IMG_8971And some Peanut Butter for more protein!

IMG_8973I LOVE strawberries in cereal. Its been a favorite of mine ever since I was a kid.

IMG_8974I came home for lunch yesterday. After walking in the cold, I was in the mood for something hot and toasty. I made a delicious tuna melt one Quinoa Bread, with a side of grapes, cucumbers, and crisp radishes, with some humus.

IMG_8979The sandwich was kind of falling apart, but it was awesome! I used just a little bit of cheese and just a little bit of mayo in the tuna (and lots of mustard and relish), so I could enjoy this usually fat-filled sammie guilt free.


I had a refreshing seltzer water with a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice. Nice and tart. Yum!

IMG_8980And a “healthy” vegan oreo for a sweet treat.

IMG_8982I had to work last night from 6-9, so I fueled myself with a TJ’s chocolate granola bar and a green apple (not pictured).

IMG_8983Loren made dinner last night: baked cod, roasted broccoli, and baked squash and zucchini chips. The “chips” didnt come out very crispy, but I like softer, thin slices. They were delish!

IMG_8985I had half a pita with my fish. I love wrapping anything up!

For dessert, I decided to be masochistic and spent my night separating pomegranate seeds from the flesh of the fruit.

IMG_8988But food is so much more enjoyable when it is the fruit of your labor!

IMG_8990Soooo good, so gorgeous, so many antioxidants!

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